How to insert a link to the site?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 2, 2013
How to insert a link to the site?

If you create your website on the Internet, then sooner or later you will need to learn how to insert links to it. Let's talk in detail how to insert a link to the site, what is needed for this.

If you need to insert a link to another site in your text, you can simply copy the desired address from the address bar and put a space. After that, the link is recognized and highlighted in a separate color. This method is good if you want to insert a short link that does not take up much space. An example of how this link will look like: “Details can be found on the website”.

If the link is long, then it will look “hard” and bad in the text, so it can be “hidden” behind a certain word, by clicking on which a person will go to the desired page of the site. When editing a document, select the desired part of the text (a word or several words) and enclose the selected word ‹/a› in such a code ‹a href=diaddress_link. The word to which the link will be attached must be in the place of the “chosen word”, and the link itself must be in the “address of the link”.An example of how it will look like: "How to insert a link to a site, you will find out here."

How to place links on sites in the form of pictures? To do this, use the following code:

<a href="http://....."> <img src = "http: // ... ....jpg" /> </a>. Where http: // ............ should be the desired link. Where the "http: // ..........jpg" should be the address of the image on the Internet.

You can also perform various operations with links, for example, these:

  1. To open the link in a new window, you need the following command:
    <a href="http://……………." target="_blank">написать слово, за которым закреплена ссылка</a>
  2. To mark the underlining of the link, you need to enter the following:
    <a href="http://…………." style="text-decoration: none;">написать слово, за которым закреплена ссылка</a>
  3. To make comments to the link, we write the following:
    <a href="http://………….." title="Комментарий">написать слово, за которым закреплена ссылка</a>

So you can post a link to the site for free, knowing only the necessary commands and tags.