How to increase computer speed?

Almost any PC user once faced such a problem as slow computer speed. It may be due to a variety of factors to be aware of in order to solve this problem.

In this article we will explain how to increase the speed of the computer.

The reasons for the slow speed of the PC and methods for increasing it

Before you increase the speed of the computer, you should identify the reasons why it began to work poorly. Consider the main causes and methods to address them.

A large number of programs that are loaded at startup

So, the performance of a PC is often adversely affected by many programs during autorun. Therefore, you should reduce their number. To do this, you need to click on the “Start” button and enter “System Configuration” in the search field. After that, select the “Startup” tab. There you can see all the programs that are loaded at system startup, since they are marked with a flag.Thus, you can uncheck unwanted programs.

A large number of unused programs

Those programs that you do not use at all also have a negative effect on the operation of your operational system. You should remove trial versions of the software, as well as versions with limited capabilities. To delete, you need to click on the “Start” button and go to the “Control Panel”. There, find the “Programs” section and go to “Uninstall Programs”. It is important to note that sometimes this item is not visible, so the value of the parameter called “View” should be changed to “Category”. After that, with the help of the “Delete” command you can eliminate unnecessary programs.

Many programs that run simultaneously

The performance of your PC can also be affected by the number of programs running simultaneously. They occupy the memory of the system, so several open versions of one program also slow down your PC. You are recommended to leave open only those programs that you need at the moment.

Virus presence

Viruses can also slow down the speed of the operating system. You should check your PC for availability. If no viruses are detected, you can troubleshoot. Go to the “Control Panel” via “Start”, and in the search field enter “Troubleshooting”. In this section, you will find the “System and Security” section, in which you will see “Search for performance problems”. In the lower corner on the right side, click the “Next” button, which will launch a tool to eliminate problems with the speed of your computer.

Hard disk load

It is important to know that the more a computer is used, the greater the number of functioning programs and services at launch. However, not always close the program means to close the service. That is why restarting the PC often fixes many problems: this is how the memory is cleared.

Therefore, it is necessary from time to time to clean the hard drive and the recycle bin, as well as delete unnecessary system files. By clicking the “Start” button, in the search box write “Disk Cleanup”. When this program is launched, you will see the amount of space that you can free up.After pressing the “OK” button, select “Delete files”.

With the help of the above actions you can achieve high performance of your computer or laptop.