How to improve the efficiency of the enterprise?

Crisis events in the economy give impetus to improving the performance and impact of the business to improve the efficiency of the enterprise. To date, players in the market has not decreased, but the money has decreased. At the same time, competition also becomes tougher, which means that the victory will be for those who more effectively manage their enterprise or organization. Below will be described how to improve the efficiency of work in six ways.

We select the team

For high efficiency, a company needs a well-coordinated group of people. A close-knit team will be much better to fulfill the goals of the company and meet the performance criteria. Strengthen the staff will help training, positive motivation of employees, the possibility of interchangeability of employees and the presence of a certain personnel reserve.

We improve and modernize

This method is quite common, it implies upgrading both software (hereinafter referred to as software) and upgrading equipment that will produce greater performance.The installation of special corporate software is also widespread, which makes it possible to make a closer connection between the staff and automate some of the enterprise processes. The introduction of automation has shown quite a good increase in the efficiency of the organization or enterprise.

As for the equipment upgrade, it should be carried out constantly. Just remember that this is quite an expense process and therefore requires high cash infusions, and it will take several years to pay back. In such a delicate matter you need to carefully calculate everything.

Lower costs

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the enterprise is given on the basis of its increased profits. To increase this estimate, there are a huge number of ways, ranging from purchasing at low prices to reducing the staff of the organization. But let's not forget that we opened our business to earn money, not to search for cheap materials, job cuts will only help for a short time, in the long run the company will disappear with this approach. Costs, of course, must be controlled,but this way of raising the efficiency of the enterprise’s work is rather unhurried, and if we take into account the current state of affairs, it is completely dangerous.

Adjust the management system

This method does not imply the development of its entire system on the basis of its own experience, but the improvement of an already created system in other enterprises. At the moment, there are six of the most sought-after systems, these are: Lean Manufacturing, TPS, Quality Management System (QMS), 6 Sigma, and Theory of System Limits.

Adjustment of the management system is characterized by high complexity of implementation, and at the same time, increased performance indicators of your enterprise. Professionalism of the head of an organization or enterprise is determined, first of all, by the ability to be skeptical and evaluate its own business management system.

With the change of the owner of the enterprise or the replacement of a team of top managers, the system usually changes. The new manager makes a replacement for managers, because he does not expect them to change according to his enterprise management system and it is easier for him to hire new people who are not connected with the previous owner.There are also opposite cases in which frequent replacements do not increase efficiency.

Moving gyrus

In another way you can call it "Do something." In the methods above, this one, in one form or another, is used. This method happens as follows: the owner collects his deputies and does not let them go until they "decide" how to improve the efficiency of the company. Most often, after such a "brainstorming" the organizational structure of the enterprise changes: the reshuffling of department heads, merger or vice versa, the division of services and other similar events that are designed to increase the speed of decision making. The result is the methods outlined above - purchasing at low prices, dismissing employees, upgrading and changing the management system, which, by the way, can save your company from closing.

We use the theory of restrictions

The theory is to find the element that limits your business. If you have realized the main problem of your organization, for example, software with a minimum of functions, then you need to purchase and install new, more functional software with retraining of personnel who will use it. This is a simple example.Most often, during brainstorming, the real problems of inefficiency are simply not visible under the trash of other, less important ones. The best solutions for finding the main problem of the company are the TOC tools: a logical tree of current reality or the "Thundercloud".


In the modern situation, a lot of effort is spent by the state on the development and maintenance of entrepreneurship. But the leaders of organizations and enterprises should also worry about improving the efficiency of their business. I hope this article has helped in addressing the increase in the efficiency of your enterprise.