How to help a teenager survive a difficult time of growing up

For a start, calm down and let your child make his own first mistakes. You can write it in the wrestling section, in a circle of dances, figure skating, singing, drawing, whatever you like, or send it to an interest club. They can be found on the Internet, people communicate not only with each other in virtuality, but also meet, arranging various shows, contests, concerts, performances.
You can buy a long-awaited thing for a holiday for your child's hobby. A guitar or easel with tassels, even a game console, motorcycle or skateboard. All this will force to send energy in the right direction and will allow to pass such a difficult period in the life of every person the least painful.
You also need to find out what your child lives and enjoys, perhaps sharing time will benefit everyone.You can take a vacation during the summer holidays and jerk on the sea or in the mountains. Such joint trips bring people closer together; this will relax the atmosphere and eliminate disagreements.
Let go of the situation more often. It should not be just as it should. After all, the view of the child, too, must be taken into account at least sometimes, even if in your opinion it is absolutely wrong. It is rather difficult to understand what is happening in the mind of a teenager, but it’s still real if you add creativity and a little interest.