How to guess on the cards?

People always wanted to know what will happen to them in the future, who will be their second half, how their fate will be. This knowledge can both calm and alarm and many fortune-tellers profit from it. But you can learn how to guess on the cards yourself, and without resorting to anyone's help to look into your future and find answers to important questions.

What you need for fortune telling on cards

  • Special cards are not necessarily tarot, ordinary 36 cards will do, but the deck for divination must be separate, it cannot be used for games, otherwise such cards may lie. True, they say that if a boy or a girl who has never kissed will sit on the cards, the results of fortune telling will be more reliable.
  • A deck of cards for fortune telling should only be yours, it is undesirable for it not only to be used by others, but even concerned, if divination does not require it.
  • The deck must be shuffled carefully before guessing, slide the upper part of the deck with your left little finger and put it down.

How to guess on cards - map values

Each card has its own value, and most divinations are based on this.

Card Values:

  • Ace of spades is sad news or bad news.
  • The peak king is the enemy.
  • The Queen of Spades - wish fulfillment.
  • Peak Jack - wasted forces, empty efforts.
  • Peak 10ka is a disease.
  • Peak 9ka - loss of a friend.
  • Peak 8ka - danger.
  • Peak 7ka - quarrel.
  • Peak 6ka - the road is unlucky, unsuccessful.
  • Ace of diamonds is an impossible wish.
  • The King of Diamonds is a hoax.
  • Bubna dame - an insult, insult.
  • Jack of Diamonds - jealousy, money spending.
  • Bubnova 10ka - a gift.
  • Bubnova 9ka - a barrier.
  • Bubnova 8ka - good news.
  • Diamonds 7ka - treason.
  • Bubnova 6ka - fun road.
  • Ace of clubs is a mistake.
  • The club king is a true friend.
  • Club lady - a worthy reward.
  • Club Jack - good luck in business, sadness.
  • Trefovaya 10ka - big money.
  • Trefova 9ka - bad news.
  • Trefova 8ka - a disease of a loved one.
  • Trefovaya 7ka - news from the state house.
  • Trefova 6ka - the road is useless.
  • Ace of hearts - love (to you).
  • Hearts King - success, achieving the goal.
  • Hearted lady - hidden feelings.
  • Hearts of Jack - a nice guest.
  • Chervovaya 10ka - the news of love.
  • Chervovaya 9ka - declaration of love.
  • Chervovaya 8ka is a new person who will solve your situation.
  • Chervovaya 7ka - caution.
  • Chervovaya 6ka - trouble.

How to guess on the cards - the basic layouts

So, these are the values ​​of all the cards, how to guess on the cards, knowing them. Here are the most popular layouts:

  1. Guessing a wish - make a wish, then shuffle the cards and fan your shirt face up. Pull out 9 cards and see their values ​​- this is what awaits you on the way to the realization of desire and information about whether it will come true and what it will entail.
  2. Very fast express divination: shuffle the deck 9 times, then with your left hand remove some cards and put down the decks. Then, at random, pull out 3 cards and see their values. In this case, there is no need to make a wish and the prediction is often short-term. You can use it only once a day.
  3. Pull out any card from the deck at random, look at her suit and if you are a girl, then pull out the lady, and if the boy is, then the king of the same suit. A lady or a king is placed in the middle, and around her 4 cards are laid out with a cross, counting cards of 10, lay out the seventh. Then, look at the map values.
  4. Divination for love. As in the previous divination, determine your card and partner for it. Then lay out the cards on top of three, until you lay out your cards. You should have three vertical rows. The left row is the past, the middle row is the present and the right row is the future. If one card is high and far from the other, it means that it does not value relationships, but if it’s close, then the feelings are mutual.
  5. Put the shuffled cards on the table, pronouncing their order in ascending order (6-7-8-9 ... ace-6-7-8 ...), those cards that coincided with what you said, put aside, and then look at their meanings.
  6. How to guess on the cards on the desire - randomly pull out 6 cards, look at them and set aside. Make a wish and any card from those that remained in the deck. Put the rest of the cards in columns of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cards. Look at which column your card was in: if there are 2 cards, then the wish will not come true; if there are 3 cards, then the probability that it will be fulfilled is small; if there are 4 cards, there are serious obstacles on the way to execution; if there are 5 cards, then the wish may come true; and if there is 6, then it will definitely come true.If your card does not fall among these 20, then mix the first 6 deferred and the remaining 10 and lay out one, saying one word to each card: wait, rejoice, hang on, forget it. The answer, whether the desire will come true - this is the word on which your card will fall.

If you don’t like what’s on the cards, don’t ask the same question again, and generally use each day to read each species once per day, otherwise the cards may lie, and you yourself will become entangled in predictions.