How to grow pineapple at home?

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How to grow pineapple at home?

Growing pineapple at home is not an easy task, but doable. If you know how to plant, water and feed such an exotic plant, then you will be able to enjoy its fragrant and tasty fruits in a few years.

What to grow pineapple at home

When you go to the store to buy pineapple seeds, you will be upset because you will not meet them there. After all, this exotic fruit is grown from the tops of ripe fruit. It is usually thrown into the trash. Accordingly, to plant a pineapple at home, you need to buy its fruit. It is better to do this in the late summer or early autumn, because at this time the pineapples do not have time to freeze, which means that their tip will have the ability to grow. To hedge yourself, it is better to go after them to the supermarket, and not to the market.

When choosing a pineapple be sure to pay attention to its top. She must beA pineapplelarge, solid, bright, green, without any damage. When you come home with the fruit, you must immediately cut off the tip from it. It is necessary to have about 3-5 cm of pulp present on it, this will allow it not to be damaged. Then with a sharp knife, carefully cut off the flesh, so that only the stump remains. It is desirable to look at this process in a video or photo.

Rinse the top of the pineapple in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then add a cut of crushed activated charcoal or ash. After that, it is necessary to dry the tip for several days in a room where there is a temperature above 25 degrees. After this time, take a small container of water and lower the pineapple there. Leave it for a few weeks. Do not forget to add liquid during this. It is necessary to wait until a well-branched root system appears at the top.

How to plant pineapple at home

Now you need to plant a pineapple. For this pot is required. It is necessary that he was at least 0.5 liters, in the future it will need to be changed to a large one. Expanded clay or pebbles are poured at the bottom, then an earthen mixture, which should consist of sand, peat, humus and ordinary earth. All this is taken in equal parts, and then disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate.After a few days, you can plant a pineapple topped with an extensive root system. This is done as follows:

  1. In the center of the pot create a groove. Sprinkle some ash in it, andA pineapplethen plant a pineapple. Land well with your hands or a small hoe.
  2. Take a few wooden sticks. Arrange them around the top of the pineapple. They will interfere with its mixing in the strontium and ensure smooth growth.
  3. Water a little plant. On top of it, pull a plastic bag or cover it with a plastic bottle with a cut neck.
  4. Put the pot of pineapple in a lit place. It is important that it is not blown through by drafts.

Please note that the plant will take root only after 1.5-2 months. At this time, it is not required to feed it, but you will need to ensure that the soil does not dry out, but it does not require much moisture. When this time period expires, it will be possible to remove the bottle or plastic bag.

To make sure that the plant began to need to carefully try to tilt it to the side. If it will be difficult to do this, it means that the roots are strong and develop well.Already after a few weeks, new green leaves will begin to appear on the top of the pineapple, while the old ones will start to turn yellow and fall off.

What kind of care does pineapple need at home?

Proper care is essential when growing pineapple at home. To do this, follow these guidelines:

  1. Observe light and temperature conditions. In summer, it is necessary for the plant to stand outdoors or indoors, where the air temperature reaches 25-30 degrees. For the night it is requiredA pineapplebring into the house. In winter, you need to keep it in a room where the air temperature does not fall below 20 degrees, otherwise the pineapple will die. On cloudy and cold days, light the plant with a fluorescent lamp. This will compensate for the lack of light.
  2. Water only pineapple with warm water. You can gradually add lemon juice to it. Along with this, pineapple leaves are required to be sprayed. To do this, use clean, slightly heated water.
  3. Feed the pineapple. Once every 15 days, water the plant with liquid formulations that include a complex of minerals. They can be purchased at any flower shop.

With proper care, you can enjoy tasty and fragrant fruits after 4 years. By this time, the pineapple will be large, and the length of its leaves will reach 1 meter.