How to grow clematis?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
January 26, 2015
How to grow clematis?

Clematis - beautiful garden flowers. The variety of species and varieties of this plant is amazing. Many gardeners tend to grow them on their sites, but not all succeed. What is the key to success? With saplings the situation is simple - this method is all familiar. How to grow clematis from seeds?

Sowing rules

Clematis seeds are divided into three categories, depending on the size and timing required for the shoot. Sowing time depends on the category.

Clematis Seed Varieties

  • Large seeds. The first shoots of such seeds appear as single shoots only a couple of months after sowing. Mass seed germination occurs in six months, and for some varieties in a year. Therefore, it is customary to plant large seeds at the end of autumn, so that by spring they would gain strength and ascend.
  • Medium seeds. Such seeds also take time to germinate - usually from one month to six. But they sprout more synchronously than large ones.As in the previous case, it is customary to plant them at the end of autumn in order to get the result in spring.
  • Small seeds. Clematis from small seeds sprout relatively quickly. The time required for germination varies from two weeks to three months. These varieties are planted in early spring, so that by the summer the flowers were already pleasing to the eye.


  • Some clematis seeds require soaking before planting. Check with the seller features of the plant varieties.
  • Large seeds are often dug out of the ground by rodents, cover them with glass or fine mesh.
  • Do not be sad if you did not immediately get the expected result - there are varieties that blossom in full power only in the second or third year.