How to grow breasts?

All women think about the beauty of their bodies. Many of them are looking for ways to grow breasts. This can be done with the help of special exercises that affect the pectoral muscles. The muscles become stronger and more resilient, with the result that the chest “rises” and looks bigger.

Getting started, it should be remembered that the pectoral muscles are large enough, so they will have to spend time and effort to work out. Breast augmentation will occur only after intense and systematic training.

Complex exercises for breast augmentation

To get the result, it is enough to perform the exercises three times a week. In addition to training, you can do swimming or rowing, strengthening the pectoral muscles. Before each session, you need to warm up and warm up all the muscles that are used during the workout. Training should be accompanied by proper and rhythmic breathing.

Effective training should include the following exercises:

  • "Palm". Sit on a chair with a straight back, and lean back to him.Flatten the palms in front of the chest, then firmly press them. Keep the tension as long as possible, concentrating the load in the chest muscles.
  • "Hercules." Stand in the doorway and rest on the door frame with both hands. Within one minute, press firmly on the support, giving the load to the muscles.
  • "Wall". Stand up against the wall, with your hands on, as if pushing it away from you.
  • "Cobra". To lie on the stomach, stretching his legs. Bend the arms in the elbows, and then put the palms down. Slowly lift the torso, staying in the up position.
  • Exercise with dumbbells. Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knees. Take up a small light dumbbell. Raise the load up, pulling the hands as much as possible. Feeling the maximum voltage, hold it for 15 seconds.
  • Exercise with books. Take two heavy and voluminous volumes from the home library. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart, and raise your arms up towards your chest. In the palm of your hand to take selected books. Slowly spread your arms, getting up on your toes. When converging hands slowly to fall on the whole foot.
  • Exercise with expander. Sit on the chair, keeping your shoulders straight. Pick up the expander and pull it out. Raise your hands in both directions, pulling the sports equipment as much as possible.
  • "Skier". For this exercise we need lightweight dumbbells.With them you need to imitate the movement of a skier, which is repelled by two sticks. It is necessary to perform movements slowly, keeping your back straight and not jerking.
  • Pushups are the most effective way to increase breast. In carrying out this exercise, you need to get as close to the floor as possible, keeping your body straight.
  • Push ups from the chair. Stand with your back to the chair and put your hands on it. The legs as far as possible pull forward. Bending his arms, go down. Exercise must be performed several times.
  • Classes with a small barbell. Lie down on a flat bench. Legs to bend at the knees, with feet with their feet against the surface. Hold the barbell parallel to the chest, slowly lifting it upward with straight arms extended.

Stretching should be done after training. You can not do the exercises two days in a row, because the chest muscles need time to recover and increase in size.