How to grow a crystal of vitriol?

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How to grow a crystal of vitriol?

If you want to instill in your child interest in the natural sciences and at the same time acquaint him with the basics of chemistry, invite your child to put on some interesting experience, for example, to grow crystals from a saturated salt solution. To grow a beautiful bright blue crystal out of blue vitriol is a simple matter, but very long. Have patience, study our instructions, purchase the necessary reagents and boldly get down to business.

How to grow a large crystal of copper sulfate

Required materials and equipment

  • Pound pack of blue vitriol. Copper sulfate is used to protect plants from pests, as a fertilizer, and to treat walls from mold. Therefore, you can find it in the building or hardware stores or in the stores “Everything for the garden”.
  • Distilled water - a liter bottle. Copper sulfate (in chemistry, it is called copper sulfate) is a very active compound, therefore it should be dissolved in distilled water.Tap water is not suitable for this, since the impurities contained in it can react with copper sulphate. Distilled water can be purchased at any auto parts store.
  • Two glass jars: liter and half-liter.
  • Glass wand.
  • Rubber seals.
  • Watering can and filter paper.
  • A coil of durable white cotton threads and a very small flat button.

Operating procedure

  1. Wear rubber gloves and prepare a saturated solution of copper sulphate. In principle, it is possible to accurately calculate the amount of sulfur sulfate that needs to be dissolved in a given volume of water to produce such a solution. To do this, it is necessary to know the solubility of vitriol (at t 20 * C it is equal to 36 g / 100 ml) and multiply this indicator by the volume of water used. But since you can hardly find laboratory scales in your household, you can do it much easier - pour about 300 ml of warm water into a liter jar and pour a cup of vitriol into it. Mix the solution thoroughly with a glass rod and set the jar aside for a day. During this time, stir the solution a few more times.
  2. The next day, put a watering can on a half-liter jar, put filter paper in it (or a piece of cotton) and slowly pass the yesterday's solution through the filter. Drain the solution from the liter jar slowly and carefully - at the bottom of it will remain undissolved sulphate.
  3. Remove the watering can, discard the filter paper. From a saturated solution prepared in this way, small crystals of vitriol will naturally fall out — just drop the tip of the thread into the jar, and in a few hours the first small blue crystals will appear on it. But you want to grow a real big beautiful crystal, so you will have to use one little trick to get it. As a pearl in a shell grows around a grain of sand that has fallen into it, so a crystal in a solution must grow around a certain base. As such a basis, you can use a small crystal of vitriol (pre-grown) or the usual small button.
  4. Tie a button or a crystal to the end of the thread, put a glass rod (or pencil) across the throat of the jar. Lower the button (or crystal) into the jar so that it is in the center of the solution and does not touch the bottom and walls of the jar.Fix the second free end of the thread - just tie it to the stick - crossbar. Cover the entire structure with a gauze cloth to prevent dust from entering the jar and place it away from food, pets and small children.
  5. From time to time, remove the jar, admire the growing crystal and filter the solution.
  6. After a month, when the crystal becomes quite large, remove it from the solution, cut the thread, rinse and dry. If desired, you can cover the crystal with a colorless varnish.