How to give money?

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How to give money?

If you are in doubt what to give to a friend, relative or colleague for the upcoming celebration, then it will be easiest to provide the opportunity to choose a gift to the hero of the occasion, presenting a certain amount of money to him. Doing this really should be tactful. Of course, you can come to a holiday, hand a bouquet, congratulate a person and start to rustle papers in your wallet, handing money with words like: “And this is my gift,” but it’s better not to do so, especially if you didn’t come to visit a close friend or relative.

Most often, money is presented simply in a beautiful envelope, but what prevents you from showing a little imagination, thus making a person even nicer?

Design options


The easiest way to give money will be a postcard. But even here there is room for creativity. You can do it yourself using, for example, the scrapbooking technique. If you doubt your abilities, then order a postcard from the master, by the way, you can place a photo of the donated person on the cover.

Jar or pouch

As packing for money the beautiful bank or a small bag can serve. Just roll up the bills and tie up the ribbons.

We use boxes

You can also use several boxes that fit into each other, like a nesting doll, with each new open box congratulated will be closer to the goal and in the end will find money.

Another option for "packing" for money is an empty candy box. Do not take out the cells, it is better to carefully fold the bills in them.


If you own the origami technique, you can make an excellent crafts out of the money,Moneywhich can then be placed in a beautiful gift bag or box.

Money Tree

A money tree, in which the leaves will be rolled up into bills, can also be an excellent gift. Of course, for this you do not need to peel off the leaves of a real tree - build it yourself, showing a little imagination.

Money rain

Money rain will surely please the person presented. To do this you will need a regular umbrella (which will also be a gift) and the actual notes. Simply tie the bills neatly on the inside of the umbrella so that they can be seen only after opening the umbrella. It is better to take an umbrella cane.

How to give money for a wedding

Money for the wedding - often the best gift, of course, if the newlyweds are not asked to give you something else. Consider where you can “hide” money.

Wedding album

Money can be presented in a wedding album by simply spreading out the bills inside.

Photo frame

If you want something more original, then instead of an envelope, use an ordinary photo frame, making a small collage inside it. Not badMoneywill add and signatures like "Wife on boots", "Husband for a new fishing pole", and so on, it all depends on the interests of the future spouses and your financial capabilities.

Hawaiian beads

You can make a cash ribbon or "Hawaiian beads" of bills. Here, of course, you will need some more money, but smaller denominations will be fine, or alternate real money with fake ones.


To please the young first savings, roll the money in beautiful banks. At the same time, each jar should be supplied with a corresponding label - on the birth of the first child, on the car, and so on.

Flowers and candy

A basket of sweets or a bouquet of flowers are perfect for a present. Just among the sweets or flowers lay out the bills - it will be doubly pleasant to receive such a gift.Such an idea is also simple in execution - after all, you just need to buy flowers.

Money box

A money box with money is also good for giving money. Choose suchMoneypiggy bank that will fit the wedding theme. It is at your discretion, you can fill in either bills or iron money.

Soft toy

Another option is to find a suitable soft toy with a pocket for money. Most likely, kangaroo suit.

Push off from interests

By the way, wondering how to give money for a wedding, think about the hobbies of the newlyweds, maybe they will push you to a suitable idea. For example, if the groom is fond of making ships in miniature, then you can donate one more model, just make the sails in the form of bills. Surely, such a gift will appeal to him.

Blanket of money

A blanket of money can surprise many, so why not take advantage of this idea? Of course, it will take some work, but it's worth it. By the time such a gift will take three or four hours. In advance, determine the amount of the gift and exchange notes for 50-100 rubles, 60 of these "pieces of paper" is already enough to make a blanket.In the middle you can place a photo of young people, then buy a lot of thick film, note that you will have to flash it, so it should not break.

Then spread out all your bills on the film, and leave around the edges about a couple of centimeters, here you will then sew a beautiful border. So that money does not fly away, you can attach them with thin tape, then begin to sew a blanket. Try to seams go smoothly, for this you can pre-draw the line.

The blanket is ready, you can gently fold it and pack it beautifully. Surely at the celebration you will pleasantly surprise the young.