How to get money from your current account

If you own a plastic card of one of the international payment systems (Visa, Mastercard, Dinners Club, American Express, etc.), the widest possibilities are at your service. Use your ownmoneywithin the credit limit (if available) and the account balance can be in any city in the world where there is an ATM. Go to the ATM, insert a plastic card, enter the PIN code, select the operation “Withdraw (or receive) cashmoney»And enter the required amount within the available on the current account and cash withdrawal limit at an ATM.
From your settlementaccountstake offmoneyIt is also possible at the cashier of the bank branch. Unlike ATMs, other credit organizations will not help you. We'll have to contact the office of his bank. At the same time, at the cash desk for issuing funds from the card you may be charged a small commission - on average, 1-2 percent of the amount withdrawn.
In some credit institutions, it may be necessary to fill out a special form for issuing money before contacting the cashier.But more often it is enough to present a passport and a plastic card to the teller cashier and give the required amount. And then put the signature in the documents proposed by the specialist and getmoney.
When withdrawing cash from a card through a bank cashier, you may need to provide a PIN code. His client must enter into the device, located next to the box office window.
If you do not have an attached card, there is only a bank account in the bank, you can withdraw money from it only at the bank’s cash desk. Many credit organizations can do this in any branch or office where there is a cash desk. Some - only in the bank branch, where the contract was signed for the openingaccounts, sometimes also in the branches nearest to it.
The set of documents that must be presented to the cashier depends on the policy of the bank. If the client is issued a document reflecting the cash flow on the account (for example, a passbook known to many from Soviet times), it must be presented along with the passport. In other cases, only a passport is required. Go to the checkout (if necessary, wait for your turn, electronic or live, depending on the branch), give the documents to the specialist, give the desired amount, sign and getmoney.