How to get around anti-plagiarism?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
November 21, 2014
How to get around anti-plagiarism?

The program "Antiplagiat" is designed to check for plagiarism of written text. It is used in cases when high uniqueness of the text is required. But sometimes it is very difficult to achieve high uniqueness, so many are looking for information on how to get around anti-plagiarism.

Ways of cheating antiplagiat

If you decide to deceive the anti-plagiarism, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Unique text. The best way to go through the Antiplagiat program is to write a text without borrowing and extracts from other sources;
  • Replacing letters. Another way to get around the program is to add English letters. Basically, they change the letters a, o, y, e, c, k. Here you should understand that changing the letters will emphasize words with a red line, which can attract the attention of the examiner;
  • Synonymism Replace non-unique words with synonyms. You can use the Word dictionary or one of the sites with synonyms.An example would be the site. In this case, you need to pay attention to the compatibility of words in sentences. The only drawback of free applications is the small number of words in the database;
  • Add / remove words. You can also try to delete or add words to sentences in order to dilute its non-unique nature;
  • Replacing offers. If none of the proposed options is appropriate, you can simply rewrite the poor-quality proposal or swap parts of the proposal;
  • Direct speech. If you want to get a unique text, then you need to turn direct speech into indirect, replacing keywords with synonyms;
  • Spaces You can also replace spaces with letters and white characters, which can enhance the uniqueness;
  • Special programs. There are a large number of programs that allow you to cheat "Antiplagiat." An example would be the Antiplagiat Killer program, which works on the principle of replacing synonyms and adding / deleting words;
  • Rerayt Rewrite - rewriting text in your own words. This is exactly what teachers or testers are trying to achieve, but rewriting takes quite a lot of time and effort.

Important! Trying to deceive Antiplagiat, it is worth remembering that your deception can be revealed and the text will not be accepted. In this case, you have to rewrite the work and adjust it to the norms of uniqueness.