How to get VIP in Avatars?

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How to get VIP in Avatars?

Avatar is one of the most widely used online games on social networks such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, FaceBook, etc. In this game, you can start a virtual double, an online character, to whom you can change the appearance, clothes, you control them, performing various tasks, visiting a school or work, getting to know other characters, etc.

For success in the game you are given awards and experience. The more experience, the higher your level and the more game options for you opens. Also, each character has its own rating. In a special position are players who acquire VIP status. What it is and how to get a VIP in the avatar, read below.

You can get a VIP in Avatars in two ways: paid or free.

Paid method

In general, the official VIP status can be purchased in the game only for a fee, for gold. This status allows you to buy exclusive items, replenish energy for free, as well as visit a special VIP room in the club and communicate with other players there.VIP status is given only for a certain period of time, after which it must be renewed, again for gold.

To buy VIP status, you need:

  1. Click on the first icon in the menu on the left (crown with the signature: VIP).
  2. Choose a VIP status: 5 days - 50 gold, 10 days - 75 gold, 20 days - 125 gold.
  3. Click on the button under the index of the required number of days.

However, there is one way to extend your VIP status without gold. To take advantage of this bug in the game, you need to order this service at least once for a fee.

Free way

So, to extend the status of VIP in Avatars for free, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the game.
  2. Log in to the club in which you must already be registered at that time.
  3. In the lower right corner of the monitor, click on the date and time and change the current year on your computer to 2002.
  4. Enter the VIP room.
  5. Remember that after you leave the game, the next time you visit it, you will have to do this operation again.

Cheat coins

Many users try to resort to such tricks as cheating silver and gold coins. In this case, you could get rich to such an extent that throwing a few gold coins to acquire VIP status would not be a pity to you.The Internet is full of sites offering to download special cheat codes for this.

Attention! Do not fall into the hands of fraudsters! In most cases, by downloading the appropriate file, you will not gain anything except the virus and problems with your computer. Perhaps fraudsters will try to divert your page on social networks and demand money from you for unlocking your account. Such codes are not publicly available and are not distributed free to anyone. Be vigilant and try to play fair.