How to fry pork in a pan?

It is no secret that meat dishes occupy almost the first place in popularity among the people of any country. And among the male half of humanity, undoubtedly, the first, therefore, for any woman, the preparation of any meat dish is a very responsible and creative process. There are many recipes for cooking meat. In this article, we will look at how to fry pork in a pan, so that your family will appreciate your efforts.

You can find a huge number of pork cooking recipes collected from different parts of the world, but there are several immutable rules, observing that you get an excellent dish, along with the gratitude of your family for a wonderful dinner.

Basic rules for choosing meat

Only a few will be able to cook pork in pieces in a frying pan or cook a steak, while preserving its juiciness and flavor, and the main reason for the dips lies in the wrong choice of meat.

  • The most basic condition is that meat should be fresh, since at a temperature of about 0 degrees its structure does not change and juiciness remains.Frozen meat after defrosting becomes dry and flabby, due to the loss of part of the liquid. If, nevertheless, there are no options and you have only frozen - then defrost it gradually - no microwaves! First, keep it in the refrigerator for about a day, then at room temperature until it is completely defrosted.
  • For frying in a pan it is best to use meat with fatty layers, it will be more juicy and tender, but it should not be too fat, everything is good in moderation.
  • When choosing meat, be guided primarily by its color. It should be light pink, and the fat layer is pure white. For greater fidelity, also touch it - fresh meat should not stick to the skin, and the recess formed will quickly disappear.

Technology of cooking pork pieces

  • Cut the pork into portions of medium size, do not shrink, this option is good for stewing, and in fried form it will turn out dry.
  • The important point is that before frying the pork in the pan, it is best to marinate the meat, and before that beat off a little, for better penetration of spices. There is no need to invent anything, the best and fastest way is to rub garlic with meat, add salt and pepper and add vegetable oil, add a little lemon juice.
  • Salting the meat is not worth it at this stage, because meat juice will start to stand out prematurely and the taste of the finished product will not be saturated, it is best to do this at the very end of frying, literally before serving.

Cooking pork steak

  • To make a steak, the thickness of the pieces should be at least 3 centimeters.
  • It is necessary to consider that meat cannot be turned often. Turn over only when one side is almost ready. It is also important to remember that pork should not be underdone, or with blood. So you can cook only some dishes of veal and lamb, so you can not cook pork!
  • If you want the meat to be tasty and juicy, it must be freshly prepared, Portions of the storage have a completely different taste, "not the one", therefore, fry the meat just before serving it on the table.
  • Alternatively, you can fry the pork in the egg - so the meat will not lose its shape, will not be very fried and will remain very juicy. Just beat a couple of eggs, dip the meat in there - and in the pan!

Whatever cooking option you choose, use a deep frying pan, well, if it comes with a non-stick coating.Surely you have a question about how much time to fry pork in a pan in order not to overdry. On average, this time is 5-7 minutes for a steak and about 30 minutes for meat in slices. However, this time may vary depending on the model of your plate, its thickness and type.

By following these simple recommendations, you will no longer have a question - how to fry pork in a frying pan to make a tasty and juicy dish, you can even make recommendations about this to your friends. Bon Appetit!