How to forgive and not remember

The main rule - it is necessary to forgive the offender with all my heart, sincerely and from the heart. When we forgive “artificially”, we smile sweetly, and our cats continue to scrape cats, and the insult is even more deeply settled in us, and it will not be easy to forget it.
It turns out that our subconscious mind knows how to forgive the insult inflicted and not recall it. With the help of projection of thoughts, a person is able to change his perception of the world by 180 degrees. Work with imagination. Imagine your abuser as a fairy-tale prince who is bewitched by an evil demon. Of course, he does not understand what he is doing, well, and you, knowing this circumstance, should not conceal a grudge against him.
Release the situation. No need to remember the annoying misunderstanding every day. With your thoughts you return to the unpleasant event and mentally give it a new life. Is it pleasant to experience sadness day by day? Everything depends on you. Do not remember the insult will help new meetings and acquaintances, new hobbies and changing the usual situation.
If new events do not knock on your life, then create them yourself.Grasp, finally, for learning a foreign language. In your group there will definitely be a couple of nice students with whom it will be fun not only in training, but also on walks, for example. You should take a little initiative, and not a trace will remain of the offensive memories of the past.
Imagine that your abuser sincerely repented of his deed and asks you to forgive him. He does not do this in reality just because he is very ashamed. This often happens, and all the people living on earth are not sinless. Today you are forgiven, and tomorrow you are forgiven.