How to fly airplanes?

Long-term practice confirms: the plane - the safest form of transport. Despite this, aerophobia - the fear of air travel - is a fairly common phobia in our time. According to some data, up to 80% of passengers experience anxiety during the flight, and 15-20% of the world's population panickedly react to being on board the aircraft. And this is not surprising: the horrific scenes of air crashes are enviably broadcast in movies and flashed on the news.

How does aerophobia

Fear of flying on an airplane manifests itself in agitation, rapid breathing and heartbeat. A person cannot control his body, it turns into one continuous tense muscle. Feet become wadded, and look - focused or scared. Women, as a rule, are more afraid of flights or more actively express their fear than men. They completely surrender to their emotions: tremble, cry, and sometimes fall into hysterics. Aerophobia often affects people flying on airplanes at most 1-2 times a year, and even more rarely.They forget that the plane is reliably designed, and all services and systems in it overlap, so if some kind of breakdown occurs, it is possible to eliminate it directly during the flight. This confirms the well-known fact that air transport is much safer than land transport.

How to deal with aviaphobia before flight

Experts recommend pre-morally prepared for the flight. You do not need to constantly look at the clock and count minutes to a fatal moment. Do things that are pleasant for you: go shopping, read a book or listen to your favorite music. You can drink Hypericum tincture or Valerian to calm down. It is better to refuse coffee for a while - it will only increase the feeling of anxiety. Turn off the news if they start talking about air accidents. It also aggravates stress.

How to fly planes without fear

The most proven and reliable way to get rid of aerophobia is to fly airplanes as often as possible. Alas, in our country it is not available to everyone. But still calm down in the cabin somehow have to. The easiest way is to distract from what is happening around.This can help a music player or a tablet with a movie. If this does not suit you, just close your eyes, try to breathe deeply and measuredly, keep your back straight and count to 100. This will distract you from constantly listening to the noise of engines and from convulsive tracking of actions and conversations of flight attendants.

During the flight, you can slightly loosen the seat belts, take off your tie or jacket, unbutton the collar buttons - in general, do everything within the bounds of decency to make your position in the chair as comfortable as possible. You can find out what comfortable clothes are better for flying by reading the article What to fly in an airplane ?.

It would be worthwhile to walk around the plane at least once, or even stop in some corner of the cabin and watch what other passengers are doing, how children are having fun. Spontaneous chatter with neighbors helps a lot, do not hesitate to become the initiator of the conversation yourself. It will distract you from negative thoughts and help pass the time.

If necessary, take some proven sedative. Also soothing and distracting effect will be favorite treats taken on board - nuts, chocolate,candy canes Do not refuse to eat on the plane, it will support high blood sugar levels and reduce anxiety. Some more tips on how to fly planes without worries and anxieties, you can read here.

What not to do on the plane

The most popular, but not the most useful way to get rid of the fear of flights is alcohol. The body during the flight so loses a lot of moisture, and alcohol only enhances this effect. It is also possible that you will not get around 50 grams, but will require “the continuation of the banquet”, which is fraught with completely different consequences.

If you still doubt whether to fly or go by train, then remember that the plane today is not only the safest vehicle. It saves a tremendous amount of time, eliminates many road troubles, especially if you are traveling long distances. Therefore, it is up to you to spend your life in endless travels or immediately get as much pleasure as possible from new places and new people.