How to fix PVC?

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How to fix PVC?

Installation of PVC panels is an absolutely uncomplicated process for a man who can perform minimal carpentry work, knows how to handle a hacksaw and hammer in small nails. Before you attach the PVC panels, you must purchase the material, as well as the appropriate tools, stock up with wooden slats. They are necessary for making crates on the wall. Depending on which wall of the room the panels will be mounted from - from the inside or outside, the slats need to be bought 30x10 mm or 30x20 mm, respectively. At the final stage of mounting panels, you will need moldings - finishing strips that are superimposed on the corner joints of the panels (door or window opening). If it is necessary to warm the room, then between the PVC panel and the wall is laid a layer of insulation - a plate of foam or loose wood fiber.

Tools for work

The following tools allow for quick and high-quality installation of PVC panels:

  • Screwdriver or screwdriver.
  • Plumb and square.
  • Small nails or clips with anti-corrosion coating.
  • Construction level, which will help align the slats of the batten in different planes.
  • Electric drill, pliers and hammer, doboynik and metal shears.
  • Hacksaw metal and wood, straight rail and tape measure.
  • Cord and pencil.

Mounting crates

Before you attach the PVC panels, view the video, because the visual aid will always tell better about the implementation of a particular type of work, rather than a textual presentation. In any case, you need to start the installation of the batten at the beginning. A crate is a structure that is mounted on the wall using ordinary screws or nails, but this stage of work must be carried out very carefully and correctly. Do not forget, in the process of using the level, thanks to which you can understand the crate as evenly as possible. Thus, imposing wooden slats on the wall, you align its surface.

The attractiveness of using PVC panels is that before starting work you do not need to carry out any preparation of the walls, that is, to peel wallpaper, to level the walls with the help of some mixtures, you do not need.The crate is screwed to the walls at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other. As a batten one can use not only wooden slats, but also a PVC profile or a metal profile. When making the crate, do not forget to put slats around the window and door openings, otherwise, you will not be able to attach panels around the door opening.

PVC panels can be mounted both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane, without forgetting that the appearance of the room depends on the method of installation. If the fastening of the panels is provided horizontally, then the crate is mounted vertically, and if the panels are mounted vertically, then the crate is superimposed on the wall horizontally. A lot has been said about how to properly fasten PVC panels and a batten. For our part, we only add that before fixing the batten, apply its contours with chalk on the surface to be coated (walls or ceiling). In rooms with high humidity, it is better to use a metal or PVC frame.

Panel mounting

After a crate appeared on your surface to be faced with PVC panels, proceed to the next stage of work - paneling.It is necessary to begin work from the corner of the room, moving left or right, but remember that always the wide mounting plate of the panel (if the lathing was made of metal profiles) should be in the direction of the mounting movement. When installing, be sure to follow the indicators that show your building level.

The panel is attached to the frame rails by means of a wide fastening strip using metal brackets, small studs, which can be replaced with screws. Insert the second panel tightly into the groove of the previous panel, and its wide mounting plate is attached to the frame rails just as you secured the first panel. All work on mounting subsequent panels are similar.

Before you attach the PVC panel, you will need to cut them along the length. Best of all, this process is performed using a saw with a fine toothed blade. If it is necessary to cut the panel across, then start with the thickened part of the panel. Cutting the panels at the corners is necessary with the help of the body. After that, the corners are superimposed moldings. Correctly and carefully performed all the installation of PVC panels guarantee you a perfectly smooth surface of the ceiling and walls,as well as external or internal attractiveness of the room.