How to fix a moped

Remove the rubber boot from the rack. Then remove the stopper from the socket. Do this with an awl or a very fine screwdriver. Clamp chrome rod in a vice. Rack set conveniently and try to pull. Insert the axle prepared in advance into the hole for the wheel axle, hit it with a hammer, in the direction of the rod exit to the outside. But be careful. Strike just a couple of times, and the design itself will move. Carefully remove, clean and inspect everything. Rinse this knot well in gasoline. Remove the bushings from the stem and evaluate their wear.
After that, remove the calming spring from the stem. The main spring remained in the rack, you must get it, and do not forget at the same time in the very depth of the rubber bump. Use a long screwdriver or narrow tongs. After that, thoroughly clean the internal surface of the rack.
After disassembling and checking parts, you can upgrade your racks. To do this, put two valve springs from the machine in a row for cushioning, and also one spring for soothing in a separate rack.Use an emery scan in an electric drill.
Then proceed to the manufacture of new sleeves. Assign this job to an experienced turner. Give him a stock, old sleeves with a stand. Please note that it is not possible to manufacture aluminum bushes, as they will immediately become unusable.
After that, check the stock. Do not worry if it is rusty. But if you still want to replace it, then order a new one at the factory.
And the final procedure is thorough lubrication. Drill in the bottom sleeve, which is located at the very bottom of the rack, small holes, with an area of ​​about 0.5 sq. Cm. Then the oil from the bottom of the rack will not interfere with the operation of the spring mechanism.
After that, assemble the rack in the reverse order. Do not forget to first put a rubber bump. And be sure to check if you put the retaining ring in place.