How to find the number on the iPad?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
October 20, 2014
How to find the number on the iPad?

Ipad users occasionally have a problem - how do I know the SIM card number? After all, with the majority of the ipad you can neither make a call, nor send an SMS, as from a phone (except for those on which special applications are installed). There are several ways to get your ipad number.

Through settings

The number on the ipad can be viewed in the settings. To do this, go through the chain in: Settings - Basic - About the device - Number for cellular data. In the last paragraph, and your number will be visible.

Rearrange sim

You can rearrange the SIM card in any device that accepts it. For some phones, however, an adapter may be required. After swapping, send a USSD request to the operator.

SMS application

There is a special application that will help you send SMS to the service number of the operator or to your own phone. Just download and install it.

Help of mobile operators

You can find the Megaphone number on the ipad, as well as the MTS number, with the help of special applications released by the mobile operators themselves.They allow you not only to find out your own number, but also to follow the balance, tariffs and other services.

You can find ipad number on Beeline using the following algorithm. Go to the menu by the chain: Settings - Cellular Data - IM programs - Stay in touch - Fill up my account - Use. Then enter your phone number or friend's number, you will receive an SMS with the ipad card number.

Personal Area

Go to your account on the site of the operator providing you with a cellular connection. There you can manage all the options of a SIM card, including finding out your own number.

Call operator

You can always call your operator if a SIM card is issued for you. You only need to give your passport information, and then you can get answers to all your questions from an employee of the company.

Knowing the number of the SIM card, write it down or hammer it into your phone so that the next time it is at hand.