How to find a password from Wi-Fi?

Ildar Yunusov
Ildar Yunusov
July 25, 2014
How to find a password from Wi-Fi?

It often happens that after the first connection of a computer to a Wi-Fi network, we forget the password from our network, since it is no longer needed on the computer. You can find a Wi-Fi password in several ways, each of which will be discussed below.

Find the WiFi password on the computer

Where to find Wi-Fi password on Windows Vista and Windows 7

On the taskbar at the bottom right next to the clock there is a wireless icon. Click on it with the left mouse button once. Here on Windows Vista you need to select a network from the list, right-click and select “Properties” in the context menu. In the “Show Characters” tab you can find your password.

In Windows 7, you must first "Connect" or "Disconnect", then select "Properties" and check the tab next to "Show Characters". There is a password.

How to find a Wi-Fi password on Windows XP

You need to download the WirelessKeyView program. Install and run it. A window opens with a list of detected Wi-Fi networks. The network password is the value of the Key (Hex) or Key (Ascii) column (depending on the type of network).

Where to find wifi password using command line

You need to go to the command line, which for computers based on Windows XP is located in the Start menu and is called up by the Run button. On computers running Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Run button is also located in the Start menu, but already in the All Programs directory and in the Accessories folder.

In the command line field, you must enter "cdm". After that, a black window will appear on the screen, on which C: / Documents and Settings / or C: \ Users \ (Name)> may be written.

You need to enter the “ipconfig” command so that you get something like the following: C: \ Users \ (Name)> ipconfig. Click "Enter". A list of numbers and names will appear on the black box. You need to find a line called Default Gateway and write down the value that will be next to this name. You need to rewrite all the numbers with dots, for example, 545.443.2.6. Now you can close the window.

Now open any search engine and enter there our numbers along with points. After pressing “Enter” a pop-up window will appear with the forms “User Name” and “Password”. In the first field, enter “admin”, and in the second field also enter “admin” or “1234” and click “Log In”.

A page of the site will appear on which you will need to go to the “Wireless” tab. At the bottom of the page will be the Passphrase graph, the value of which is your password.