how to find a job?

I don’t know what to do, I can’t find a job or any education, I've been trying for half a year already, I don’t know what to do. No husband, no kids either. Mom helped earlier, now she has no opportunity to help.



There may be several reasons why you are not hired.

1. Too little qualification.

The knowledge and experience you possess is too little for the position held.

2. Too high qualification.

Too bad: the employer fears that the work will not be interesting for you or not very well paid, and you will not last long. It is better to take someone easier.

3. Meet on clothes.

The personnel officer did not like it - you will not go beyond the first stage. You should look according to the position you are applying for. Do you want it or not.

4. Irregular interviews.

The more often you attend interviews, the faster you learn to behave on them as it should. Become more self-confident. And in the end, the employer understands that you are the one who is needed.

5. Self-doubt.

This is a very important point.Self-doubt does not give you the opportunity to profitably present yourself to the employer. And he is not ready to entrust work to such a person.

6. Inadequate behavior (talkativeness, aggression, dullness, etc.).

Analyze how you behave at the interview. How to look in the eyes of the employer. Rate yourself. Only objectively. Correct behavior if necessary.

Need to work on yourself. Trying to understand who the company is looking for, to get used to this image and, being in it, to have an interview. Do not be afraid to apply for a higher paying position than you occupied before. To behave with the employer calmly, confidently. Equally. Believe in yourself. In that everything will turn out.

But remember that not the one who is better is taken to work, but the one who fits. And we still do not know who was lucky: who they took or who they refused.

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Hello, Elizabeth!

If you cannot find a job according to your requirements, we could offer you to choose a job in which you could find yourself! We offer to get the most popular profession-Manicurist !!

I would add that not only manicurists can earn.It is necessary to have a place or your salon, you also need a tool at home. It is better to open your business. There are many articles on this topic, for example, in the blog of the agency VEZOM are many articles on how to open a business, so as not to go bankrupt, what should be done and what is by no means impossible.

Self-realization is good. But you must still come to this first .. It is human nature to think a lot. Sometimes, we cannot self-realize. Shoot down unnecessary stupid thoughts. So we need to free the brain from overvoltage. I came across one little article on the sitestoria.methey wrote there, just about how to get rid of apathy and focus for self-realization. The first thing to do is to give the brain a rest, i.e. a twenty-minute walk through the park, through the forest will help you. Then you need to write about all your worries, problems on paper, think about them .. I advise you to start a diary, where to write to plan all your affairs. All this will bring your head in order. It really helped me. I think you need it ...

Try to change the scope of activities, complete courses on manicure, and at home turn out a client base.

Was in a similar situation.Go for a while to where they take and where you will have the opportunity to continue to go on interviews to find a job in the specialty. Plus, the already outlined tips business coach to help you.

Well, strange, you can always somewhere but find a job.

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