How to exercise the right care for the sick

Provide an empty room for the patient to protect the rest of the family from infection and provide the sick person with peace and quiet. When entering the room, wear a disposable sterile mask, which can be purchased at a pharmacy or made independently of several layers of gauze. So you can protect yourself from virus infection (in the presence of a patient with an infectious disease) or protect a weakened body of the patient from bacteria that you or another family member can be a carrier of. Be sure to wash your hands before entering the room and after.
Try to change the bedding often, especially if the patient has a high temperature. Every day do a wet cleaning in the room with the addition of disinfectants to the water. Wipe the floors, as well as dust on furniture and windowsill. Air the room several times a day.If the patient is irritated by bright light, hang blinds or light curtains on the window. Watch the humidity and temperature of the air, which is especially important when the patient has a fever, cough or runny nose.
Place a bedside table or a low table near the patient's bed on which to place a glass of water, medicines, napkins, a night light, and other necessary accessories.
Select for the patient separate dishes. Wash it with a disinfectant, such as a weak solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina.
Carefully monitor the skin if the patient is in a lying state for a long time. Bed linen should not be folds, crumbs from food. It is better to engage in the prevention of pressure sores than to treat them for a long time.
Prepare for the patient light and healthy meals in accordance with the diet, which depends on the disease and its severity. Check with your doctor about this. Food should be taken in small portions. At a temperature, give the patient a large amount of liquid - berry fruit drinks, herbal teas, compotes, dogrose broth, clean water. Drink should be warm.
For sore throat and runny nose, prepare a solution with a decoction of herbs with anti-inflammatory effects (for example, chamomile, calendula or sage). To flush the nose, you can buy saline at the pharmacy or prepare it yourself (1 tablespoon of salt per liter of boiled water).
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Helpful advice
Try to support the patient, to encourage and not to blame for temporary difficulties associated with his illness. Support is essential in the recovery process.