How to enter into hypnosis?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
February 4, 2015
How to enter into hypnosis?

By hypnosis is meant a change in the state of human consciousness, which simultaneously combines the elements of wakefulness and sleep. Hypnosis is a condition that is caused by suggestion and is accompanied by the submission of the will of the sleeper. Hypnosis as a form of suggestion has been known to the world for more than three thousand years.

A person can be put into a state of hypnotic sleep in various ways, on the basis of various hypnotic techniques.

Hypnosis procedure

First of all, in order to master the skill of hypnosis, a person must try to prevail the following qualities that will help him in the process of suggestion:

  • imperious, confident, monotonous speech;
  • magnetic straight look.

Hypnotic methods fall into three main categories.

  1. Methods of mechanical action, where the object of suggestion is acted upon with the help of material objects that have color, sound, light, etc.
  2. Mental effects, characterized mainly verbal monotonous suggestion.
  3. Magnetic methods, where therapeutic magnetism is essential, for example, to cure a patient of migraine.

Next, we describe how the hypnosis procedure proceeds by the example of the mental method of influencing the sleeper:

  • The main focus of attention of the hypnotized is the voice and speech of the hypnotist.
  • The patient is placed on a couch, saying: “You feel the pressure of the pillow on your head, feel the couch under your back. Then you turn your attention to your legs and hips and also feel that the couch is the support of your whole body. You are very relaxed, all your body limp. Imagine that you are at home in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, where you are most comfortable to sleep and rest. You are very relaxed. Go to sleep, sleep deeply and listen to my voice. " If the inspired person does not fall asleep, the hypnotist can switch attention to the patient's hand: "Your hand is free, you feel it, now your fingers will begin to slowly move, so they started to shudder." Then the hypnotist slowly and carefully lift the patient's hand and instill in him that the hand is light, like a feather: “As your hand rises, you fall asleep, and slowly and gently the hand begins to fall, fall.When she touches the couch, you will only hear my voice. "
  • In mental hypnosis, it is very important to repeat certain commands by the hypnotist to enhance the suggestion.
  • An essential element is also the influence of the hypnotist on the instilled person by his bioenergy.