How to eat yogurt?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
July 22, 2014
How to eat yogurt?

Useful sour milk drink you will never get tired if you know how to eat yogurt in different ways. The most useful yogurt - made independently from high-quality milk. How to make it right, you can read here.

Tips for those who love to eat yogurt

  • Yogurt is very useful for those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, people with excess weight.
  • The average rate of intake of the product - 200-250 ml. per day, you can divide it in half and eat yogurt in different dishes for breakfast and dinner.
  • It is preferable to take low-fat yogurt. If you make it yourself, use low-fat milk.
  • After taking antibiotics, taking yogurt with live bacteria is a must! This will help restore the microflora and preserve immunity.
  • The shelf life of yogurt with live lactic cultures is no more than 7 days, if the manufacturer has indicated a longer period, the quality of the yogurt will not be high.

Yogurt first courses

  • Very tasty is the soup of unsweetened skimmed yogurt with the addition of fresh young greens.You need to take about 100 grams of various herbs - parsley, cilantro, basil, you can even add dill and sorrel. Rinse all the greens, remove the stems, chop, sprinkle with salt to give the grass juice. After that, pour 200 ml of the mixture. yogurt Eat this soup with dry croutons from coarse bread. Yogurt in this form is very useful for losing weight.
  • The second version of the yoghurt soup will definitely appeal to children and sweet teeth. Yogurt should pour berry or fruit freshly prepared mashed potatoes. Take for this dish seasonal berries - raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants, plums. Thoroughly wash and chop 100g of prepared raw material with a blender, then add 2 teaspoons of sugar and 200 ml. yogurt We get a wonderful soup that can replace both the first dish and dessert.

Salad dressing

Usually, those who are interested in eating yoghurt use it as a healthy drink and completely forget that they can replace unhealthy mayonnaise in salads. 200 ml. unsweetened nonfat yogurt need to take a pair of garlic cloves crushed in a mash, a pinch of ground black pepper, two teaspoons of tomato paste.Salt on the tip of a knife, half a teaspoon of sugar will make the sauce tasty and savory. All the ingredients are mixed, insist half an hour and refuel any salad.

Yoghurt Dessert

Yogurt is used as the main ingredient of delicious desserts. If you put chopped fruits or berries into the ice cream bowl, pour them with yogurt and slightly freeze, you will get not only delicious, but also very useful dessert. If you are not concerned about your weight, then you can add broken cookies, ground nuts or chocolate chips to fruits or berries.