How to eat meat?

At official receptions often serve a variety of meat dishes, with side dishes and without. In each case, it is important to know how to eat different dishes. In this article we will talk about how to eat meat according to etiquette. After all, you do not want to lose face? According to etiquette, most meat dishes are eaten using a knife and fork, but not all. And if you use these devices with the wrong dishes, you will be considered an ignoramus.

Etiquette: how to eat meat

  • Chop or other large pieces of meat are cut into smaller portions, that is, the whole piece cannot be divided at once into small ones, but this should be done as needed: cut a piece of the required size - eaten, cut off again, and so on. In addition, a large piece can first be divided into 2-3 parts, so that it is easier to cut off pieces of the desired size. At the same time, the fork helps to hold the meat, and hold it in the left hand, and cut a piece of meat with the right hand with a knife.
  • Large pieces of meat on the bone are first cut into 2-3 large pieces, ranging from edge to bone, in order to separate the meat from the bone. And then eat each piece, cutting into smaller ones as necessary, as described above.
  • The bird is not eaten with the hands, but only with the help of a fork and knife.At the same time cut off the pieces of meat, starting from the edge, gradually moving towards the bone.
  • Barbecue. If it is the main dish, then it is removed from the skewer, starting from the bottom pieces. Then skewer lay on the edge of the plate and eat meat with a knife and fork. If the kebab goes as a snack, then it is eaten straight from the skewer.
  • Goulash, if it is from large pieces, can be cut with a knife, otherwise it is eaten only with a fork.
  • Stew. Before you send a piece of meat in your mouth, it is freed from the bone, do it with a fork and knife.
  • Dumplings, patties, schnitzels, that is, minced or cured meat is eaten exclusively with forks, since they can be divided into parts and without a knife with the side part of a fork.
  • Sausages, sausages, sausages are eaten with a knife and fork. At the same time, they do not immediately cut the entire sausage and do not peel off the skin, but cut it off piece by piece, peeling off the casing from each piece.
  • Cutting delicacies and sausages shift with a common plate with a knife and fork in his and eat already with her. If necessary, a crust or shell is also removed in its plate.

Tips: how to eat meat

  • You can gnaw the bones not only at home with your family.However, at a dinner party, you can do this only if there is special parchment paper on the table in order to wrap the edge of the bone before picking it up. Also, the bone can already be wrapped in such paper - this is a sign that the bone can be taken into the hand and eat pieces of meat from it.
  • If the sauce is served separately, water only the meat, as it is not intended for pouring garnish.
  • You can not grease the sauce from the plate, which remained after the meat.
  • Cut sausage is not used for making sandwiches.
  • The bones cleared of meat are shifted with a knife or fork to the edge of the plate.

Now you know how to eat meat according to the rules of etiquette.