How to drink Cointreau and others?

Liqueur long ago recognized as one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Initially, they began to produce liqueur in monasteries, and even doctors used it for medicinal purposes. Today there are many different varieties and types of liqueur.

In our time, it is customary to serve liquor after lunch for tea or coffee. For this purpose, a special glass for liqueur on a long leg. Liqueur drink in one gulp.

How to drink different types of liquor

Cointreau Liquor

Cointreau orange liqueur is a famous French liqueur, it has been made from bitter and sweet oranges according to an exclusive recipe for 150 years. Liqueur has the finest taste and aroma of flowers, at the same time it is quite strong (40%). Cointreau pure amber color until it was poured into a glass. And as soon as it is poured into a glass and ice is added, it changes shade and becomes opal. This is due to the presence of essential oils in the liqueur.

In Cointreau liqueur, two tastes are balanced - bitter and sweet; for this, use peels of 2 varieties of oranges, which are selected very carefully.Therefore, different experts estimate the taste of Cointreau in different ways: it is soft and strong, refreshes and burns at the same time. A sensual exotic aroma of fruits and flowers will not leave anyone indifferent. How to drink Cointreau, we learn further.

Properly drink Cointreau with ice in its pure form. But often it is used in cocktails, as well as in a variety of recipes. The most popular cocktail with Cointreau - Margarita. First, prepare a glass, its edge should be smeared with lime juice, turned over in a plate with salt and cooled. Put 1/3 of ice into the shaker, add 50 ml. tequila, 30 ml. Cointreau, 20 ml. lime juice, mix everything. Strain and pour into a glass. Usually decorated with a piece of lime.

Morello liquor

Morello is a dark-brown Italian liqueur with cherry-seed taste with a strength of 28%. Why drink Morello liqueur? It can even be added to pastries. Just like all liqueurs, they drink this liqueur in cocktails, with tea or coffee. And, of course, with ice in its pure form.

Fruit and berry liqueurs

Fruit liqueurs are very popular for making cocktails. They are drunk and in pure form, but still mix much tastier.

Strawberry liqueurs are unquestionably the best.One of them is “HiHi”, also called Ksyu Xu. Ksyu Ksyu drink liqueur with champagne, mixed with lime juice, added to coffee. With what to drink strawberry liqueur, everyone can come up with himself, because the pleasant bitter-sweet taste of liqueur gives a flight of fancy.

Berry liqueurs have an unusual taste, and the aroma is unforgettable. Undoubtedly, they are also very useful. Cloudberry liqueurs are the most popular among the berries. Everyone knows that cloudberries are a set of vitamins and many useful substances. Surprisingly, the taste and aroma of berries is preserved in the manufacture of liqueur. Drinking cloudberry liqueur taken in cocktails. Less often it is used in pure form.

Banana liqueur is the best base for a variety of cocktails. It is a clear yellow color with a slight smell of banana. Its fortress is about 25%. The composition of the banana liqueur is grape brandy, but only one that has a neutral taste and the least exposure. It insists bananas and additional herbs.

Popular Dutch banana liqueur brand Hous of Lucas Bols. It is called Pisand Ambon, it is produced in Malaysia according to an ancient recipe. It is green, and in addition there are exotic fruits.There are many options for what to drink banana liqueur, preferring to mix in cocktails, but use it just with crushed ice.

The exotic African liqueur "Amarula" is made from the fruits of the African tree marula and kept in oak French barrels. It has a fresh sweet taste. It is popular among women and men, because it is also an aphrodisiac. Liqueur "Amarula" is better to drink in its pure form, served it with ice in liqueur glasses.