How to drink coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Every day, people around the world drink more than two billion cups of coffee. It is no secret that this drink has a number of useful properties. The main one is the stimulating, invigorating effect that it has on the body due to its caffeine content. Let's take a look at how to drink coffee. To date, there are quite a lot of different ways of cooking. Created various devices, for example, the Turks for brewing a drink on the fire, or electric coffee machines.

How can I drink coffee

When a true connoisseur drinks coffee, he carefully "listens" to the shades of its aroma and taste. It is worth noting that each type of this drink may require a special approach to the ceremony of its drinking. Everyone knows how to drink coffee, in the traditional way, from small cups, of less than 100 milliliters.

And, for example, in Turkey it is customary to drink coffee with ice water. First, the gourmet takes a sip of hot drink, and after it - a sip of cold water.

In addition, in Asia it is common to take a couple of sips of acidified lemon water, immediately after drinking a cup of coffee. This is done to rinse the mouth and throat from small particles of coffee.

And if the drink was served directly in the Cezve (Turk), before drinking coffee, you must first remove the foam, and put it in a cup. Only after this, the drink itself is poured into it from above.

Often served to coffee liqueur. In this case, drinks should be drunk in small sips. Alcohol is not poured directly into a cup of coffee.

Lovers drink coffee with cream through a straw, while stirring with a spoon a hat of cream. If you are not served a straw, then you can drink coffee in small sips through the cream.

Our compatriots do not need clarification on how to drink coffee with milk. In coffee houses, milk is usually served in a special small dish, separate from the coffee. True lovers of this drink, first add sugar to coffee and stir it. Only then pour the drink boiled milk.

More coffee can be drunk and with ice. This drink is called frappe. It is served in a transparent tall glass and is drunk through a straw. Ice at the same time should be left at the bottom of the glass. In no case should not catch and chew pieces of ice.

As for cappuccino, they drink it right along with the foam, and stir it occasionally.With proper use of this type of coffee, you should have milky “mustaches” above your upper lip.

Coffee can be served with ice cream (iced). Usually, ice cream is mixed directly into the drink and is eaten little by little with a spoon, and coffee is drunk through a straw. If the ice cream has already melted before the end of all the coffee, you do not have to postpone the straw. Such a drink is usually served in tall glasses, and it would be very inconvenient to drink from them without a straw.

It is worth paying attention also to:

  • Mokachino - coffee with chocolate
  • latte is coffee with cream and milk,
  • Corretto - coffee, in which a small amount of brandy or sambuka was added.

More about coffee

Some coffee shops come up with their own ways to make and serve coffee. Different seasonings or other additives can be used.

I would like to note that coffee is able to have a positive effect on people's health. This drink reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, liver cirrhosis, Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes. Only one cup of this amazing drink can improve memory, attention, productivity and your mood.