How to drink balm?

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How to drink balm?

Balm is a drink that is made from herbs, roots, fruits on alcohol infusions. Nowadays, the requirements for the balm are presented not as a curative, but as a food product.

Accordingly, it is prepared by food industry experts, and not by pharmacists or pharmacists, as many believe. At the moment, about 60 types of balsam are produced in Russia. Abroad, drinks that are balms are called bitters. And sometimes they are completely called liqueurs, so when you buy, you should carefully read the composition and name.

Balm is a drink from dark brown to black and has a spicy, specific, bitter taste.

How to drink balm

Balsam - a fairly strong alcoholic drink, as a rule, contains from 40% to 45% alcohol turnover. Therefore, they should not be abused. It is not recommended to use the balm more than 100-150 grams per day.

Drink balm taken in a liqueur glass. Also, the balm is often added in a teaspoon to tea or coffee.This has a positive effect on body tone and improves mood.

Balm helps with cold, cough and colds. It is also good to drink balm when overworked, weakness or spleen, as it has a stimulating effect on the body.

Often the balm is added to cocktails for flavoring or to other alcoholic beverages (as a rule, in vodka). In addition, the balsam is sometimes added to desserts or used as an addition to a cigar.

How to drink Riga Balsam

Riga Balsam is a very strong drink, contains 45 turns of alcohol. He comes from Latvia, produced in ceramic bottles that protect the drink from temperature extremes and sunlight.

Many wonder how to drink the Riga Balsam? Just like any other, there is no specificity in its use. You can add to coffee or tea, ice cream, drink with vodka or in pure form.

How to drink Karelian balsam

Karelian balm is relatively weak, contains 40 turns of alcohol, comes from Karelia.

It is produced in glass bottles. There are no special rules for how to drink the Karelian balm.However, it is most often added to tea or cola. Some people like to drink Karelian balsam, mixing it with cherry juice.

It should be remembered that the balm, in addition to degrees, contains a large number of active substances, overdose of which can lead to very unpleasant consequences.