How to drill porcelain

You should know that porcelain is a rather fragile material. Therefore, when working with it, you need to carefully select the appropriate tool. To date, there are three types of devices that are suitable for this type of work.
Perhaps the most common tool used in the drilling of porcelain stoneware, are diamond crowns with electroplated coating. The use of galvanic crowns allows you to increase the speed of drilling and reduce the end pressure. In addition, the cost of this device is relatively small. The disadvantages of diamond crowns can be attributed to their low resistance - one crown is enough for a maximum of 5 holes.
Another tool for working with porcelain stoneware are diamond ring drills. However, despite the high resource of the drill - one drill can make more than 100 holes, - this device is used much less frequently than crowns. The reasons for this - high end pressure arising during drilling, and low speed.
The best option when working with porcelain, according to experts, is the use of diamond drills. This tool combines all the advantages of ring drills and galvanic crowns - high wear resistance and drilling speed at a relatively low price.
You should know that drilling of porcelain is necessary from the front side. This is due to the fact that during work, small particles of a material can break away from the wrong side. In the process of laying all these defects will be filled with adhesive solution and will not affect the quality of the ceramic granite.
Use a drilling machine or a special rack. This will greatly simplify the work and extend the life of the drill. You should be aware that when drilling porcelain tiles it is not recommended to use the impact function of the drill - the material may break.
Put a small piece of plywood under the drill - this will protect the front surface of the slab from damage.
Keep the drill strictly perpendicular to the plane of the plate - any misalignment can damage both the drill and the material.
Be aware that diamond drills need to be cooled.For these purposes, you can use a plastic bottle by making several small holes in its cap.