How to draw light drawings?

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How to draw light drawings?

Not everyone has the talent to draw simple, fast and beautiful. But sometimes you want to let your fantasy out, and children often ask moms and dads to draw either a machine, a flower, or a cat. To do this, it is not necessary to be an artist, because you can use simple instructions that allow you to create beautiful and light drawings.

Draw a rose

  1. We start to draw a rose from the middle. To do this, draw a narrow oval, onerose flowerfrom the ends of which is pointed.
  2. In the center of the oval we draw a spiral imitating an internal bud. Connect the spiral and the oval with the help of the arc.
  3. Using smooth lines, draw the contour of the second row of petals.
  4. In the same way we depict the outer petals.
  5. The effect of a living flower will help create two half-petals.
  6. We draw two large side sepals and two small central ones.
  7. Fill the middle of the leaflets with streaks and draw the stem.
  8. Rose is ready. Now you can paint it with colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints.

Drawing goofy

Drawing a pet children is very easy.

  1. Draw an oval on paper and an elongated semi-oval adjacent to it.GoofyUse a vertical line to divide the semi-oval into two halves. You got a blank for Goofy's face.
  2. In order for the face to look more natural, slightly round the edges of the semi-oval.
  3. Finish the eyes and nose, focusing on the already plotted lines.
  4. Draw two half-ears, imitating the ears, two more mark the teeth. Draw the lower jaw and tongue.
  5. Goofy should have long thin ears, portray them on the sides of the head.
  6. At will it is possible to finish the hat Goofy. The picture is ready for coloring.

We draw a bear

  1. Draw a large oval, somewhat flattened above and below. It will be a head.
  2. We draw to the oval two arcs into which we enter smaller arcs -bearbear ears.
  3. Two black circles - bears eyes, flat oval - nose. To make our beast look friendly, we draw a wide smile.
  4. The body is also an oval, part of which is hidden behind the head. To create a puppet effect, draw a torso smaller than a head.
  5. We draw 4 ovals imitating paws: two more and two smaller.
  6. Give the teddy bear charm, to finish the details: cilia, a small tree, a couple of patches and a heart on his chest. Now it remains only to paint.

Draw a cat

  1. Draw a horizontal oval, slightly flattened to the bottom. The sides are slightly sharpened. They must be on the same level.
  2. Slightly modify the upper half of the oval, forming a muzzleCatan animal.
  3. We draw a little nose and a neat mouth for the kitty.
  4. We finish the cat two large ears.
  5. We create eyes, making sure that their lower boundaries do not fall beyond the horizontal line. Draw a long mustache.
  6. Extend the vertical line. We draw a small elongated oval - the upper part of the body - and draw the front legs.
  7. The lower part of the body resembles an isosceles triangle with beveled corners.
  8. We finish our cat's paws and tail.
  9. Decorate the picture with colored pencils or paints, as fantasy suggests.

Draw a typewriter

  1. To draw a typewriter is a snap. To start with two lapsTypewriterlarger and smaller pictures of the wheels of the car. in order for them to be even, they can be drawn with the help of a ruler - stencil.
  2. Using a horizontal line connect both wheels. In front and behind we draw on a small oval - typewriter headlights.
  3. Above the wheels draw a semicircle, connect its ends with ovals-headlights.
  4. By a slightly oblique oval, we denote the steering wheel, connecting it with the car body in two parallel lines.
  5. The machine is ready to decorate.