How to draw in classmates?

Irina Fateeva
Irina Fateeva
December 29, 2012
How to draw in classmates?

In a social network like Odnoklassniki, you can draw graffiti just like Vkontakte: you need to click on the “graffiti” button and you can paint anything you want, then be sure to click the “insert” button. Usually, users have no problem with how to draw in classmates. However, today from time to time there are problems associated with the drawing function: the browser stubbornly blocks the application. This problem is technical in nature and in order to solve it, you just need to wait.

Technology drawing smiles

How to draw smilies in Odnoklassniki? First of all, in order to start drawing smiles, you need to connect on your page such a function as “Paid Smilies”. After that, you will be able to use absolutely any emoticons on the site, as well as create new ones.

This service costs only 135 rubles (or 3 US dollars). You can connect it by sending SMS to a short number.Unfortunately, it's impossible to make beautiful emoticons for free.

To connect the function of moving and beautiful emoticons in the social network Odnoklassniki, you must perform the following procedure:

  • Open a window to add a newly created message. From the list of emoticons, select any paid one and click on its image.
  • A window appears in which you specify the period for which you want to install paid emoticons for yourself (the bigger it is, the higher the price). After that, choose your mobile operator and country.
  • After that, send an SMS written combination of numbers or letters to the specified short phone number. The amount of money indicated on the Odnoklassniki page will be deducted from the account of your mobile phone, it can also be deducted from the bill for phone calls from the prepaid card.
  • After you receive payment confirmation on your mobile phone, be sure to click the "Add" button. After that, boldly draw smiles in Odnoklassniki.

How to draw pictures in Odnoklassniki? Now you can not be confused by this question, because you can please with beautiful graffiti not only handmade, but also made with the help of smiles.You can draw with the mouse, choosing the desired thickness of the line and its shade. Pictures on the wall can be an excellent gift for a birthday or any other holiday for your friend or girlfriend on a social network.