How to draw a full girl?

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How to draw a full girl?

A beginner artist will certainly want to learn how to draw a human body in order to test his talent and hone his skills. In the article you can learn how to draw a full girl. It should look believable, have grace, beauty and elegance, then the work will not be done in vain.

The first stage: a schematic drawing

Before you master the technique of drawing a full girl, you need to decide how it will look like: choose a pose, come up with clothes, hair, features of the figure. After a suitable image has appeared in your head, you can begin to work.

  1. It is necessary on a piece of paper with a pencil to schematically indicate the future body. The main condition is proportionality, so it is good to recall the lessons of anatomy. For example, it is always necessary to take into account that the length of the body is equal to seven ovals of the head.
  2. The first part is the chest, which must be designated in the form of two volume spheres.
  3. In the second section there will be a waist, making it wide.
  4. The third segment - rounded hips, exceeding the size of the waist.
  5. Below we outline the legs.

The second stage: drawing the legs and arms

When there is a sketch of a girl, it's time to start drawing hands and feet.

  1. To be believable, limbs of two ovals should be performed,Girlinterconnected in the elbow and knee folds.
  2. We apply horizontal lines: for shoulders, waist and hips. In a proportional figure, the shoulders are already hips, and the waist is thinner than them.
  3. The feet should also be half the length of the legs from the knees to the ankles.
  4. The elbows should be located between the third and fourth part of the body.

The third stage: the face

Now it's time to pay attention to the face:

  1. Draw a face round, add a fold on the chin.
  2. Dividing it into several parts, draw lines where eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth will be.
  3. Draw the above parts. The face is perhaps the most difficult part of a girl's body. You need to draw it slowly, trying to make the features as soft and feminine as possible.
  4. We proceed to the roundness of the body, carefully drawing them out, giving the girl a pleasant fullness.

Clothes and hairstyle

At the end, to complete the image, you should invent and draw on paper clothes and hairstyle.Curly locks, falling to the shoulders, careless, loose straps, look very harmoniously and harmoniously. Clothing can be any, you can do without it at all, showing all the perfection of the female body. It all depends on the imagination and talent, drawing skills. The girl in full growth is ready.