How to draw a demon?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
1 March 2013
How to draw a demon?

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How to draw a demon?

The ability to portray real objects as naturally as possible is very much appreciated by artists. But to draw what you see, and improve the technique is possible, and quite easily with talent. And it is quite another thing - how to draw a demon, if a creature is fantastic and you have to rely only on your fantasy?

Stage 1. Modeling

First, you need to imagine the demon that you want to draw in the smallest detail: posture, skin texture, whether he will have wings, tail, horns, other fantastic elements. Try to fix your approximate drawing in the form of a sketch.

Stage 2 Face

After you have schematically outlined on paper the position of the head with an oval, lines like shoulders, back, arms and legs, you should proceed to a detailed drawing.

The face is the most important part of any drawing, so you should start with it. As you know, at the beginning of work and the concentration is higher, and inspiration helps, and hands with eyes are not so tired.Draw eyes, nose and lips, and then outline the contour of the face. What will he be surrounded by? Does your demon have hair, horns? It is at this stage that you need to think through all this and display it on paper.

Stage 3 Torso

After you’ve finished painting your head, go below and get down to working on your torso and limbs. There are already fewer small details and lines, but you should pay special attention to the shadows, since it is the shadows that make the picture vivid and realistic.

Paying special attention to the first lines of your sketch, draw shoulders and arms, torso, legs. Do not forget about the origin of your demon - if a humanoid, then the human figure should be taken as the basis, if it is of some animal - then you should also be guided by the original in nature.

4 stage. Completion

To make the picture look harmonious, you should fit it into some decorations. It is not necessary to draw the environment in which the demon is standing, just throw a few shadows from the bottom. Now put the picture aside for a while, and then go back to it. So you can take a new look at it and understand what needs to be corrected.

Here are the basic rules for how to draw a daemon in stages. Success in creative work!