How to draw a coat of arms?

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How to draw a coat of arms?

Coats of arms appeared in Europe in the XII century and were quite an effective way to manage units that are part of the medieval armies. They were depicted on shields and standards: in the first case, the picture served to identify the knight chained in armor, and flags with heraldic signs allowed any soldier to quickly find his unit on the battlefield.

Much time has passed since those days, but even now all countries and large territorial entities have their own symbols. If you are interested in the question of how to draw a coat of arms, then you need to turn to a special science - heraldry.

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The base of the coat of arms is a shield that can be cut into several fields. The maximum number of elements reaches two hundred, but even an expert will not be able to obtain all the information from such a drawing, because a part of it will be hardly visible. The base is often decorated with stylized wings or a plant ornament.

There are not so many classic ways of coloring the shield: white symbolizes silver, yellow - gold, and red, purple, black, green and blue - special enamels.

When creating an outline should take into account this feature: different colors of enamels should intersect with metal stripes and vice versa.

How to draw a family coat of arms

If in the long line of your ancestors there were already representatives of the noble class, then it suffices to find the already existing image, which was a symbol of the genus. Otherwise, you will have to work your head.

The emblem can be filled in the form of traditional heraldic lines - these are crosses, circles and squares, stylized natural and mythical animals, as well as other objects. The picture placed inside the shield should as accurately as possible convey information about the social status of your family, its merits to society and distinctive features.

A special field stands out and under the motto - it can be a phrase or a few words that mean a lot to you and your relatives.

How to draw a coat of arms of Russia

To create a heraldic sign of the country, it is enough to use the global web and download the necessary picture. After that, you can proceed to a detailed repaint, and you should start from the center.After all, this is exactly how the classic coat of arms is created - from the smallest to the largest, from the main image to the figures supporting the shield.

How to draw a class coat of arms

Any community of people can create their own symbol, and its design in accordance with the laws of heraldry will allow to rally the team around a common idea. Here it is important to come to a single decision about the filling for the shield and develop a suitable motto.