How to disassemble the key?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
January 24, 2013
How to disassemble the key?

It happens that the key to the car comes to malfunction at the most inopportune moment, forcing the driver to urgently look for an opportunity to either fix the problem or use another means of transportation. We want to share a universal instruction for all motorists? How to disassemble the key from your own car in a short time, on your own and with a positive result?

So, in order to troubleshoot, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Create a bright light source
  2. Arm with a set of screwdrivers for watches
  3. Take the nippers
  4. Buy cologne or alcohol

How to disassemble the key of your car

It is impossible for a key to break if you simply replace it with another. The fact is that in each of them there is a special transmitter activating the immobilizer. The transmitter is a small chip. It also needs to be transferred to a new device. Therefore:

  1. Carefully check the key case. If the device has cracks - open them with a knife or other sharp object.
  2. If there is no damage, and the case itself is cast, you will have to cut the chip. To do this with jewelery accuracy, you must 100% set the location of the transmitter. This can be done in several ways:
    • Once again, read the manual for your car: it may indicate where exactly the chip is located. For example, how to disassemble the key Ford can be viewed;
    • send a bright light source to the key. The location of the circuit will be a dark spot in the translucent design;
    • “Google” - try to find the answer to this question on the Internet. Surely you will find many affected by a similar problem, ready to share their experience with newcomers.
  3. Separate the plastic from the key case. Warning: this should be done very carefully so as not to touch the chip.
  4. When it appears on the surface, wipe its surface with cologne or alcohol.

If we are talking about disassembling the key, the process of clearing the chip is much easier. As an example, see:

  1. Disable car alarm
  2. Separated from the case of a sticker with the logo of the brand of the car.
  3. Using watch screwdrivers, remove the bolts connecting the case.Be careful: you have to remember the exact location of the bolts - fix which hole each of them belongs to.
  4. Using a flathead screwdriver, unplug the two parts of the case from each other.
  5. Remove the microchip
  6. Remove the instrument blade and ejection mechanism.
  7. Disassemble the buttons.
  8. In case you have to reassemble the device, start the assembly in the reverse order: first the buttons, then the blade and the ejection mechanism, and so on.

If you're wondering how to disassemble the key of a Mercedes, go through this one.