How to develop yourself?

Every person must be a person. But not everyone can afford it. Why? Because the person, as a rule, attracts with his confidence and charm, interesting hobbies and ability to lead. But how to become a confident and charismatic person? In this article we will give some tips on how to develop yourself.

The path of self-knowledge

The source of the path of self-development originates in the study and self-love. Psychologists recommend several ways to develop themselves using their own capabilities:

  • You need to accept yourself as you are: do not look for flaws, do not develop complexes. This will help to trust yourself and inspire respect for your own forces, and therefore, will increase self-esteem.
  • No need to take the side of the majority, because it suppresses its own "I" and does not give an expression of individuality. This will increase the self-worth and value of their opinions.
  • Accept your real image as an ideal, adapting the surrounding reality for yourself and presenting yourself in your place.
  • Maintain the unity of your inner world, inner values, so as not to get discord between your mind and emotions. This will give a sense of inner unity and tranquility.
  • Be responsible for yourself, for your words and deeds. This will bring you spiritual freedom and the opportunity to be true to your own convictions.
  • Never be afraid to admit that you are wrong or wrong. through mistakes and doubts lies the thorny path of self-development.

Harmony with you

Listening to yourself and understanding how to develop yourself, you can take the path of developing a harmonious personality, i.e. one that can decide for itself the importance of the goal and the possibility of achieving it, can go itself in the right direction and guide other people. The main thing in this is the charisma of man. But it also needs to be developed, because there are people who are interesting, but not attracting to themselves. And there are outwardly very simple and unremarkable, but they do not depart from them. How to distinguish a charismatic person and how to become? A charismatic person is one that:

  • He loves himself.
  • Neat, watching their appearance.
  • Values ​​his opinion, but not selfish.
  • Respects the opinions of others, listens, leads a positive communication.
  • Optimistic about life.
  • Clearly articulates his thoughts, goals.
  • It does not depend on external circumstances, since strictly goes on its intended path.

To become a charismatic person, you need:

  • Get rid of pessimistic views.
  • Change negative to positive.
  • Get rid of irritation when confronted with obstacles.
  • To leave from the position of the victim of circumstances, to become their master.
  • To be responsible for their words and actions, not to look for those who are guilty in their failures.
  • Get rid of the critical attitude towards other people.
  • Learn to hear and understand another person.
  • Do not give unnecessary advice.
  • Do not be proud and arrogant.

Walking along the right path, you will understand how to develop yourself, and become an active person, sociable, determined, purposeful, moderately proud and self-centered, passionate about diverse interests. In all this, an important, and sometimes the main, role is played by self-confidence. Because it’s not enough to find a passion, you need to be able to tell and involve strangers about it, and this can be difficult for those who suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

How to develop self-confidence and self-esteem? There are many ways.Let us turn to the advice of professional psychologists, who offer a method of working on themselves, like sports trainers, working on their muscles. No wonder we are talking about such a comparison, because for the development of certain psychological skills, you need to work hard to develop them. Time it takes 20-30 minutes, preferably every day. It all depends on how great your desire is, how developed your imagination is and how great is faith in what is achievable. After 2-3 months of intensive training, the results will be obvious.

Exercises to develop confidence

  • Presenting oneself as a very confident person. To do this, you need to find an image of a person who is pleasant to you, whose behavior seems very confident. An image of a movie hero or a famous person may come up, but it is better if it is a familiar person, something similar to you. It is necessary in a calm atmosphere to imagine him, noting actions, gestures, facial expressions, and even the accompanying smells.
  • Feeling relaxed. To achieve this, presenting yourself easy, airy. If it is difficult, then the sensation of heat in the limbs will help, which will gradually turn into lightness.
  • Autotraining. Otherwise - self-hypnosis.The key point will be the words, for example, “I am very confident in myself,” which must be repeated many times before the appearance of conviction in them. It is useful to combine it with the first.
  • Imaginary situation. For a start, think up several options for yourself (greeting, question-answer, anecdote). Play in your head, and then in an empty room, these situations, as if you are confidently doing this in the presence of other people.
  • Rehearsal with a loved one. Ask your sister, friend, mother to play with you a variant of the situation of communication, to subsequently implement it with any other person.

Doing exercises should be gradually moving from one to another, spending for every 2-3 weeks. The main thing is not to force events to give skills a foothold. In conclusion, it must be said that each person is individual and the abilities of all are different, therefore, to decide how to develop yourself, everyone should himself. The main thing is to find yourself and follow the intended path in harmony with yourself.