How to determine the type of hair?

To date, there are three main types of hair: dry, oily and normal hair. True, to meet the "clean", without impurities, the hair type is extremely difficult. As a rule, people have mixed types of hair. Let's figure out how to determine the type of hair, and how to care for each of them.

In order to understand what type of hair you have, you should pay attention to the characteristic features of each of them. Below we consider them in detail.

Hair types: dry and mixed

Determining a dry hair type is quite simple: they have a dull appearance and can reflect light poorly. Such hair is hard enough to comb. They have chipped ends and are easily torn, and are often accompanied by dry and fine dandruff. The cause of dry hair can be improper care, and not the reduced activity of the sebaceous glands, as many are accustomed to believe. It is improper care that often causes dryness and loss of hair.

If you often use a hot hair dryer, alkaline products or comb your hair with low-quality comb, then you can not be surprised if the hair becomes dry and starts to fall out.Do not forget also about the dangers of coloring agents, which have a perhydrol concentration of more than 12%. The same hairstyle for a long time, as well as direct sunlight, cause the hair to begin to change its structure and split.

Dry and mixed hair type hair requires very careful care. Before washing your split hair, you must rub a nourishing mask or cream into your scalp and wrap the head in a towel. The duration of this "wrapping" is half an hour, then you can wash off our mask. It is better to wash such hair with shampoos, which contain extracts of chamomile, vitamin B5, lecithin, mint, lime blossom and wheat sprouts. Remember: dry hair requires very careful coloring. For them, mechanical damage is dangerous, as well as sunlight.

Oily hair type

Oily hair type is determined by the type of scalp itself. In oily skin, the layer of sebum is much thicker. Its characteristic feature is the presence of a specific shine. This skin has enlarged pores. From the activity of the sebaceous glands (individual, incorporated genetically) depends on the very fat content of the hair.Of course, the type of food and the amount of carbohydrates that you consume in food, affect the production of sebum. However, such influence is not the deciding factor. Often, improper care (rubbing of fatty oils and masks) and causes increased oily hair.

To ensure proper care for oily hair, you must use those tools that help reduce your sebaceous excretions. It is the owners of oily hair that suffer from their increased loss. Well, a look at such hair causes very unpleasant feelings.

Shampoos with extracts of sage, calamus, coltsfoot, nettle, seaweed and horsetail, are the best suited for this type of hair. You can use products that contain trace elements of zinc as well as vitamins A, C and K. At increased sebaceous excretion, frequent combing and massages of the scalp are strictly prohibited. It is very undesirable and styling a hair dryer, in the case of increased fat content of hair. With regard to nutrition, it is necessary to introduce restrictions on the consumption of pickles, spices, animal fats, as well as spicy dishes.

Often, hair care professionals face a problem when the hair roots and scalp are oily, but the tips and the hair itself are dry. Such a phenomenon is observed the day after the head was washed. When the hair is long, sebum cannot be distributed evenly across the hair shaft. This distribution occurs in the process of combing hair.

With excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, there is an increased fat content of the roots of the hair and scalp, while dryness of the hair shafts is noted. Disease seborrhea and frequent washing of the hair contribute to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands, and many, trying to get rid of excessive fat content, begin even more persistently and often wash hair. Thus, the person himself becomes the culprit of degreasing hair and skin, as a result of which the intensity of the sebaceous glands increases.

The solution to this problem is the gradual adaptation of hair to a rarer washing, and over time, the sebaceous glands will stop so vigorously producing fat in excessive amounts, and your hair will become beautiful.

Normal hair

Normal hair type is characterized by its elasticity and strength. Hair of this type has a beautiful and natural shine, shimmer in the sun and perfectly reflect light. Often, this type can be found in healthy young people. Moreover, all these features are present a few days after the hair has been washed. Normal hair is easy to comb and it barely splits, while it is completely unimportant if they are wet or dry. Such hair does not need special care, just maintain them in this condition.