How to decorate a lawn

In the country of flowers

Creating a small world within one site is not an easy task. There are several interesting options for the design of lawns. You can plant ornamental shrubs or trees along the edge. Not far from them you need to plant annual flowers with a contrasting color. It can be purple or blue flowers with silvery willow or chode.
Another popular option: a basket on a branch. If there are small trees on the territory of the lawn, then baskets with fresh flowers are hung on them. And under the trees you can plant all the same annual plants.
The picturesque composition �Erica in a circle� can be created on the place of a flat platform, lined with stone or tile in the middle of the lawn. Inside the land is poured and ericarians from Eric and heathers are settled. A lot of options:
- composition sundial;
- composition with geraniums, fuchsias and azaleas;
- composition mini-rock garden.

How to make a drawing of herbs

To make an accurate drawing of perennial herbs, you must first perform a sketch on paper.After that, gently spreading it on the lawn, using pegs to fix the sketch. Beautiful exact lines can be obtained with the help of tin stripes. In those places where ornamental grasses will be planted and the ground is removed. Flower ornament is created on the grass, which should be easily cut. Snow Aureum and Ozhek are great for creating a background for a flower arrangement. The green lawn is originally combined with floral borders or curly flower beds.
The emptiness of a lawn can be filled with paths from natural or artificial materials. For example, a composition of large and small stones. Also, the lawn can be decorated with hedges that will protect the entire area from atmospheric phenomena.
Recently, statues have become particularly popular. It can be gnomes, little animals surrounded by flowers. Also look great on a bright green lawn flower garden-butterfly, flower garden, guitar and others.
Artificial reservoir can be a wonderful decoration of the lawn. In the hot summer even from a reservoir of small size will blow pleasantly cool, and the sound of water will have a beneficial effect on the overall situation.Pond can be arranged in the form of a pond, fountain, waterfall or stream.
Nothing decorates a lawn like an alpine slide. In a separately established place a small hill is constructed, on which natural elements are placed: stones, dwarf trees, flowers. Lawn decoration is a creative process that requires experience, knowledge and a desire to merge with nature.