How to deal with the autumn blues?

Irina Shchapova

If waking up is harder every morning, coffee is no longer invigorating, hatred of traffic jams rolls over and you are already beginning to quietly envy bears, who by nature have the right to go into “well-deserved” hibernation for several cold months in a row, then it means that the autumn blues got there and up to you According to statistics, with the departure of summer, every second in our country suffers with depression in mild or severe form (I would like to add that, probably, every first later joins the second, returning from vacation in October), and the reason for the lack of sun, vitamins and psychological effect of the end of the summer. Noticing the symptoms of chronic fatigue and sadness, do not even think about aggravating it with liters of intoxicating drinks and oppressive thrillers about the end of the world (only because the end of the world is kind of worse than the end of summer?), And start helping your body tune in the most melancholic season of the year. Our 8 tips based on the research of the phenomenon will help you.

Board number 1: eat chocolate or ...

About chocolate as an uplifting product, perhaps, everyone knows, but how to explain its magic properties scientifically? Chocolate contains such an amino acid as tryptophan, which when decomposed forms the "hormone of joy" serotonin. The amount of tryptophan in chocolate directly depends on the concentration of cocoa beans in it: the greater their percentage, the more “positive” the chocolate will be. Also tryptophan is found in seaweed, cheeses, tuna, beans and eggs. This means that fried eggs with sea kale for breakfast should also give a good mood!

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Board number 2: exercise regularly

Scientists at Harvard University have deduced the required amount of time to devote to the sport so that it becomes a kind of cure for depression: either 35 minutes a day 5 times a week or 60 minutes a day 3 times a week. Not so much, you must agree, in order not to be sad. Active games with a dog in the fresh air and cycling to visit friends are counted, but dynamic house cleaning or running along an escalator is not.

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Tip number 3: do not listen to loud music

Scientists investigating factors that affect depression concluded that loud sounds tend to irritate and only increase spleen and poor health. It turns out that loud rhythmic music makes us nervous and is not a positive, but an irritating factor, which can be another explanation of why it's so eager to get drunk at electronic music parties.

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Tip number 4: plan where you go for the New Year

In September, it is best to catch special offers for the winter holidays, while everyone else has not completely moved away from the summer holidays. Book your tickets and hotel in advance in order to get the lowest possible price, and then start to study the details of the route through video and photos, and you will feel that you have already mentally departed for the future journey.

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Tip # 5: think up a new autumn hobby

It can be morning jogging or foreign language lessons, a video meditation course or smart online lectures of a free university on the subject of interest to you.The main thing is that it motivates you to wake up with vivacity or rather finish working business in order to quickly begin your favorite hobby.

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Tip number 6: arrange yourself a break from social networks

Let's say in the form of an experiment. Check how much you will stretch without beautiful pictures with filters, economic news and friendly chekins. By the way, no one prohibits the latter, only for real (I just want to say “in the old manner”): call those whom you miss, and invite them to walk in the most beautiful time of the year.