How to deal with slugs?

February 3, 2015
How to deal with slugs?

Slugs, they are night gluttons, slugs. Any person related to the garden, cottage, garden, vineyard at least once met on the site of these gastropods, characterized by the absence of shells. They eat potatoes (tubers and foliage), kaputo of various varieties, peas, beans, strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers. Partial to citrus and grapes, cereal shoots. In general, harmlessly and in every possible way. And, accordingly, to get rid of them completely or at least partially - the cherished dream of many summer residents. This article provides several popular methods to help fight slugs. How to do this, read the following material.

Rough surface

We use coarse sand, sawdust, egg crushed shells, or walnut. Here the effect itself is important: these animals do not like a rough surface. Sprinkle regularly shoots of vegetables in the garden, and slugs to them simply can not crawl. Make sure that the so-called paths or loopholes do not form, through which pests would get to the plants.

Dark beer

The most effective method (according to the testimony of German gardeners) is dark beer of the “porter” type. Slugs for some reason love him a lot. You need to pour a few large flat beer tanks and dig in the locations of the slugs to be flush so that access to the bull’s drink is open. Several of these "pianok" relieve the garden of slugs forever (well, at least for one season - for sure)!

Morning coffee

You can take a sleeping coffee grounds, brew it, dilute it with water and pour over those places of plants (flowers) where the slug used to feed. They say it is a very effective method if beer does not help.

Places to sleep

Cellophane bags, spread out around the garden with a small amount of water, serve as a night shelter for slugs. In the morning it remains only to collect and destroy them, along with the packages.