How to cure the liver?

The liver is one of the main organs in the human body, responsible for many vital functions, so it must be protected and protected. Some, unknowingly, cause enormous damage to the liver, abusing bad habits and not watching the diet. From our article you will learn how to cure the liver using various means. But first, a few words about the symptoms, because you need to be sure that it is the liver that hurts.

Symptoms of liver disease

If you feel oppressive pain in your right side, this means that your liver is enlarged (this may indicate various liver diseases, including acute viral hepatitis).

Learn more about the various pains associated with the liver, you can from our article How liver hurts.

In general, there are many diseases of the liver, and if you listen to your body, you can learn about the problems on the following grounds:

  • spider veins on the skin;
  • yellowish skin and whites of the eyes;
  • loose and light stools;
  • small rash in the upper body (suddenly arising).

If you find at least one of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor, take the necessary tests and, possibly, undergo a course of treatment. Learning to check the condition of the liver is also very important, and information about this can be obtained in our article How to check the liver. Well, now about the treatment itself.

We treat the liver yourself

In the modern world, various liver diseases are treated quite successfully, regardless of the stage of the disease. Specialists in this field prescribe people mainly natural micronutrients (vitamins, trace elements, minerals), which are contained in various vegetables (see below in the paragraphs on the diet for treating the liver). Chemical drugs are used only in extreme cases, as they can lead to dangerous situations. In addition, only a doctor should prescribe such drugs, so we will talk about affordable and practically safe methods of therapy.

  • The liver is a thermophilic organ, and putting a warm heating pad on it, you will simultaneously increase its bactericidal resistance and reduce pain. However, this will raise the temperature of all the blood in the body,therefore, this method should be used with caution and with caution about contraindications (for example, this method is not recommended for liquid blood). A similar effect, but more safely for the body, can be achieved by applying warm compresses of the following oils: olive, corn and linseed.
  • To cure the liver will help the juice from the beets, as well as any dishes from this vegetable. If you have hepatitis, we advise you to mix beet juice with dandelion root juice. In case of cirrhosis, beet juice mixed with chicory root juice is suitable. With cholecystitis: beetroot with carrot juice.
  • Eat right. This means that you should exclude from your diet salty, fatty, fried, spicy foods, as well as foods with a high content of dyes and harmful additives. And, of course, it is necessary to eliminate bad habits - alcohol and smoking.
  • Fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, pumpkin, green salad, cabbage should prevail in your diet. Mineral still water should be consumed, as well as natural juices: carrot, pumpkin and citrus.
  • Do not prescribe any medicines yourself - they must be prescribed only by the attending physician; about the dangers of chemicals we have already mentioned above.We also advise you to read the articles on the links below, which contain comprehensive information about the health of our liver.

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If you decide to clean the liver, it is necessary to make an ultrasound (to identify the stones). Learn more about cleaning you can from our article How to clean the liver. And even more treatment recommendations can be found in the article How to treat the liver. By following these simple guidelines, you can cure your liver and keep it in good condition, but only if you do not return to your previous lifestyle after recovery procedures (junk food, abuse of bad habits).

In addition, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the liver recovery techniques, which you can learn about in our article How to Recover the Liver. And of course, it is very useful to know about the cleaning of a healthy liver in order to prevent the development of diseases of this organ, because prevention, as we know, is the best medicine.