How to create a warp?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
October 8, 2014
How to create a warp?

Warps are a teleportation while playing Minecraft. Moving to a pre-selected place, which will be a teleport point.

Teleport can be installed on the server only for money. You will have to pay a lot, since the warp is a kind of cheat.

Plugin for creating teleportation points

This is a MyWarp plugin. It is used to create teleport points in Minecraft. This is very convenient, because you can create a teleport point even in your shop and give it the name "shop". Other players can easily teleport to your kiosk. Without this plugin teleportation is impossible.

How to put a warp

To create a warp in on a Minecraft server, you need to have at least one solid block.

  1. Install the block in the place where you plan to be after teleportation. This will be a teleportation point. Install the first warp at home to move there in case of danger.
  2. After installing the block, stand on it and enter the command “/ setwarp name”, where name is the name for the warp.
  3. Destroy the block.
  4. Check the performance of the warp. To do this, move on to several blocks and enter the command "/ warp name". If everything is done correctly, then you instantly move to the selected location. Teleportation is a paid service, but it is much cheaper than creating a warp in Minecraft.

Basic warps to move

  • Type / warp and move to the teleport point.
  • Type / warp create <name> and create a new point.
  • Type / warp pcreate and create a public teleport point.
  • Type / warp delete and delete warp.
  • Type / warp welcome and change the welcome message.
  • Type / warp point and the compass needle will point to warp.
  • Type / warp list and view all available teleport points.
  • Type / warp search and find your warp.

Additional warps

  • Type / warp give and give your warp to another player.
  • Type / warp invite and give players access to your warp.
  • Type / warp uninvite and deny access to the warp.
  • Type / warp public and make the teleport public.
  • Type / warp private and teleport private.

Enter the commands in the chat by clicking on the "T". Using this instruction, you can easily create the necessary warp.