How to create a server in Terraria?

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How to create a server in Terraria?

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How to create a server in Terraria?

The game Terraria can be played not only alone, but also with friends on the local network and the Internet. Thanks to this, the game will become more interesting and lively. It�s nice to have your server, because you don�t depend on anyone and you can enter new rules and add or remove different players at your discretion.

Let's take a closer look at how you can create a server in Terraria yourself.

How to create a server in Terraria with Hamachi

To start the server through hamachi, you must:

  1. Download and install Hamachi with
  2. Log in to Hamachi.
  3. Download the game Terraria one version with friends.
  4. Create a group in Hamachi for general connection to the game.
  5. Run the file "TerrariaServer.exe" in the folder with the game. Select the number of players that can play on the server. Write or not to write the server password.

After all this, go into the multiplayer game and connect to the server by entering the ip-address of your account Hamachi. Now you can play and enjoy the game with friends. However, you can start the server without the Hamachi program.

How to create a Terraria server without Hamachi

To start the Terraria server without additional programs, you must:

  1. In the folder with the game, click on the file "TerrariaServer" and start the server.
  2. Register all the necessary parameters of the game world: map size, server name, number of players and other parameters. After that, the world will be generated.
  3. Specify the port "7777".
  4. We specify the server password.
  5. So that other players can connect, look at your ip-address on

All new players will need to report this ip-address to connect. But after turning off the computer address will change.