How to create a postcard online?

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How to create a postcard online?

Today, at the time of the abundance of goods, it is very difficult to surprise, and therefore handmade gifts are gaining popularity. This article will tell you how to create a card using online services.

Choosing an online site

On the Internet you can find a lot of sites that allow you to make an interesting postcard for any occasion, and most of them are free. Each service has a different set of tools, but approximately the same work pattern: the user must load the template with which he wants to work, and then use different tools to edit it, add various kinds of effects and captions.

We present you the top three of the most interesting services for creating postcards online:

  • . This service allows you not only to add all sorts of artistic effects, but also gives you the opportunity to edit the photos themselves - take pictures brighter, remove skin imperfections, greasy luster from the face, etc. At the same time, each tool is supplied with special prompts, so it’s very easy to figure out the mechanism for solving a particular task.
  • . This service boasts a huge number of frames, and, all of them are conveniently divided into sections. So, if you are making a postcard for a child, you immediately need to go to the category "Baby".
  • . This platform will appeal to those who regularly create postcards for their relatives and friends, since this service has the slogan “Every day a new photo effect!”, Which means there will always be an opportunity to create a fresh solution.

Create a postcard

Let's now, using the example of one of the services, try to create our card. We propose to analyze the scheme of work on the example of

  1. Go to the site
  2. A number of possibilities open up before us - go directly to the postcard creation mode (“Start Now”) or pre-edit a photo - “Quick Photo Correction”, “Retouch with one click”, “Free Photo Editor”, etc.

The Quick Photo Correction tool works automatically, you just upload a photo, wait a few seconds, and it's done. However, if you are not satisfied with the result, you can "play" with the settings in manual mode. The toolbar is located directly above the edited photo.

Also works "Retouch with one click." The user only needs to upload a photo and wait. This tool removes unnecessary glare from the skin, whitens teeth, reduces wrinkles, etc. And most importantly, it does not require any knowledge from you, everything is done automatically.

"Free Photo Editor" gives you the opportunity to put on the photo a variety of effects to choose from - upload photos and start experiments.

  1. So, we have edited the photo as needed, now we are starting to make a postcard by clicking "Start now". The template menu opens. You need to choose the one you like, right-click on it, click on "Open in a new tab".
  2. The new page displays the processing process, after a few seconds the photo will be placed correctly in the template. In this case, using the tools on the panel on the right you can add the necessary inscription.
  3. That's all, our postcard is ready! Now you can send it via social network, save or print.

How else can you make an exclusive postcard?

You can create a postcard with the help of special programs, for example, through the well-known Photoshop image editor, but online services make it possible to do everything without prior preparation and study of the features of the programs.