How to create a portal?

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How to create a portal?

The creators of Minecraft all the time trying to make the game more interesting. They expanded its capabilities by introducing portals. There are several of them, and most often the player has to craft an input of one or another dimension. Below will be described how to create a portal.

How to create a portal to hell?

To create a portal to hell in Minecraft, you need to get 10 blocks of obsidian. It can be found in the lower blocks, near the lava. However, care should be taken not to fall into it and not die. This material can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe, others will simply break.

Once the obsidian blocks are in hand, it will be necessary to build a square construction from them. It should be 5 blocks high and 4 long. To activate the portal to hell, you need to set fire to it with a flint. Then you should jump into the structure of obsidian, and you will find yourself in hell. It is full of evil mobs and rarest resources.

Before you make a portal to hell, you should download a special mod. You can do it.

How to create a portal to paradise?

The portal to paradise gives the player a lot of opportunities, because there are also many useful resources. It is impossible to make a portal without a mod. You can download it.

After installing the mod, you will need to make a frame with a height of 6 blocks and a width of 4 of a glowing stone. It can only be mined in hell. To activate the portal to hell you need to pour water over the frame, after which you can jump into it and find yourself in another dimension.

How to make a portal to the region?

Portal Edge can not only create, but also to find. However, before you go there, you need to think carefully, because you can get out of there only by killing the dragon, but it is not easy to do. To find a portal to the Land, you should collect as many Endermen eyes as possible, so you have to go down to hell. They will help you find the Edge, as the entrance to it is constantly moving. You can activate the portal by filling the plate with the eyes of the Endermen, who will need 12 pieces.