How to create a CSS server?

Igor Frolov
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How to create a CSS server?

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How to create a CSS server?

Those who are tired of following someone else's rules and he wants to set his own, we will tell you how to create your own css server to play comfortably on it at any time of the day.

Install CSS Server

Many of you have probably had time to read the article How to create a CS server, but there are some nuances in installing CS Source server, so read the instructions below:

  1. Download from the site, for example, an archive with a ready server and unpack it on your computer;
  2. While the download is in progress, we create a separate folder for the server, since the program itself will not do this. On the same site, download a program with which you can configure the server and continue to monitor it;
  3. After installing the server and the program, launch the Tornado and go to the menu: Settings - Master. Click the "Next" button, tick the box next to "Counter-Strike: Source". Server - Home, Mod Management - Mani Admin Plugin and specify the path to the server folder;
  4. In the first block of settings, we do not touch except for the choice of port (optional), the number of players and the starting card.Consider the parameters of your computer, since an overestimated number of players can create too much load on the server;
  5. In the second block, select the server�s IP address from the suggested ones, set the Rcon password and the time to connect to the server panel;
  6. You must also give administrator rights to yourself (useful later when you assign game admins). Go to: File - Create - Mani Admin Plugin - clients.txt. Next, select one of the ways to create rights (by nickname, by IP address, by Steam ID) and fill in the specified fields.

As we see, to create a server in counter-strike source there is no need to be a programmer. About the individual server settings can be found in the article How to set up a CSS server. If the patch version of your server is outdated, then there is no need to reinstall it. You can use the utility and update it.