How to create a CS server?

Probably many Counter Strike fans would like to create a server to be able to play with friends. Let me provide all possible assistance in the topic of how to create a server cs.

To begin, find the program "Ready server CS 1.6 V. 3.0". You can install anywhere in the computer. Run and point the way to the game. Server management is at your place.


Having registered the “admin panel”, you can, while staying in the game, change the map, use the teleport and more. To do this, use the tab "Admins", where we register the internal IP address of your computer. "Admin" is registered. Important: The computer’s IP should be internal. If you specify external, no one connects to the server.


On the “Start server” tab, enter:

  • port. Any number with a maximum of five digits. Let it be 11111. Now the future address of your server will consist of a combination of IP (internal): 11111;
  • map - a map that is loaded at startup;
  • the number of players is limited by the number of slots and does not exceed ten;
  • password (rcon) - set complex to not allow your server to be managed remotely.

When everything is ready, create and save by pressing the appropriate buttons. We launch it using the “start” label that appears on the table. If the program is abused on hlds.exe, then you should reinstall the server in the same folder that contains this file. When everything is correct, then after half a minute in the console we make an entry: connect IP (internal): 11111. If everything worked out, then you are on your own cs server. The following steps will help to create a server for free.

Assign variables

There are a lot of them on the “Server” tab. Major:

  • hostname is the name of the server. We write in Latin letters in parentheses. Small;
  • mp_startmoney - money to start the game. Standard - 800;
  • sv_gravity - gravity value (standard 800). Consider: less gravity - more levitation. Dependence is directly proportional.
  • mp_c4timer - the value of the timer of a bomb explosion, usually - 35 seconds;
  • mp_friendlyfire - the ability to fire on your own: on -1, off - 0;
  • mp_roundtime - the duration of the round. Standard - 1.75 minutes.

Maps and Plugins

The selection of maps is made on the “Maps” tab. From the two columns, the left one displays the maps of your server. We enter the necessary ones here and delete the unclaimed ones.

The principle of installing the plugin is as follows:

  • Download the necessary plug-in from the Internet (two files);
  • the first with the extension * .sma is placed in “scripting”, and the second - * .amxx - in “plugins”;
  • if in addition there are folders, then we place them in the folders of the same name. For example, sound in “sound” and so on;
  • make the plugin "visible". In “configs” we search and open a text file plugins.ini. In the new bottom line write "name .amxx". After saving and closing the new plugin becomes visible and working;
  • in the same folder, we find the * amxx.cfg file and write the variables of our plugin in it.

That's all. Of course, this is easier to do than to create a cs server from scratch, but it works just as well.