How to copy the program?

Very often, users of a computer face the problem of how to copy a program from one computer to another. This task is not always trivial, we will try to consider the main ways to solve it.

Ability to copy the program

First you need to decide whether it is possible to transfer the program at all, in principle. For example, some programs that require a license and registration are practically impossible to transfer: their registration key is "tied" to the hardware stuff on your computer, so such programs will not run on another computer. In this case, the program will have to be installed and registered on each computer on which you want to use it. Such programs include, for example, Photoshop, many video editors and modern games.

Manual program transfer

There are many solutions for the automated transfer of user data and programs. Therefore, we must determine not only what you want to copy, but also how. You can copy the program from the computer and use it on another computer yourself.To do this, you need to know the following things: where the program itself is located and where it stores user data (various settings, for example). As a rule, the program itself is located at the address "C: \ Program Files" (or "C: \ Program Files (x86)" on 64-bit operating systems). In the folder with the name of the desired program is an exe file through which the program is launched.

Program settings can be searched in the following places: "C: \ Users \ Username_Application \ AppData", "C: \ Documents and Settings \ Username_Application \ Application Data" and others. Important note: sometimes you can search not by the name of the program, but by its manufacturer. For example, casual games from the Alawar studio are not searched for by name, but by Alawar brand.

Automated Copy

If you need to copy several programs, you can do this using special utilities. The most famous utility for copying programs is the Pick Me App, which allows you to transfer the programs you have installed from one computer to another with all user settings. This program can transfer all user data from the most common software. Working with this program is very simple.

After downloading it from the official site, we launch it and in the interface window we see an interface from two panels. The left side is a list of installed programs. Having marked the necessary program with a tick, we press the button "Capture marked application" - the program will appear in the window on the right. After that, the program will be packed into an archive of the TAP format, which is located in the Pick Me App program folder. To restore the programs on another computer, you need to select the necessary partitions in the right pane and click the Install button - everything is installed! With the help of this program, you learned not only how to copy a program from a computer, but also how to transfer a program even between different versions of operating systems - Pick Me App can do this.

In this article, we talked about the basic ways to transfer programs and the pitfalls that you may encounter. Now you know how to copy a program to a USB flash drive and install it on another computer - it’s not so difficult!