How to cook hot rolls?

The technology of making hot rolls is not complicated, but it is necessary to strictly observe the recipe if you want your relatives to like this dish to taste, and possibly their colleagues. There are quite a few recipes, but we will look at how to cook hot rolls according to the classical technology and the recipe using salmon.

Classic hot rolls

Ingredients for making hot rolls: rice for sushi and pressed Nori seaweed; fresh cucumber and baked ham (can be replaced with carbonade, balyk or bacon); smoked or lightly salted salmon (optional); Almette curd cheese. You will also need rice vinegar and sugar, salt to taste, and a little bit of any hard grated cheese. Cooking process:

  • Boil rice porridge, which, after cooking, will not sticky, but sticky. Depending on the number of cooked dishes, 200 gr. rice take 250 grams. fluid. After the rice boils, it is boiled for another 15 minutes.Remove the rice container from the heat and leave it under the lid for 15 minutes so that the rice “reaches” until ready.
  • A tablespoon of rice vinegar, which can be replaced with white wine, mix with 7.5 tsp. sugar and sea salt (2 teaspoons will be enough). After the sugar and salt are completely dissolved in vinegar, add this mixture in rice and mix well.
  • Prepare a half of pressed nori seaweed. Put it on the table (the smooth surface is on the bottom). As long as the rice is warm, it will be well distributed over the surface of the nori, so you should cook rolls with warm rice. The layer of rice does not exceed 1 cm, while laying out the rice, do not fill it with the most complete edge of nori (leave 1.5 cm for wrapping).
  • When preparing hot rolls at home, it is necessary to cover a layer of rice with cottage cheese, then put a fresh cucumber (pre-cut it into strips), put the baked ham on the cucumber.
  • We roll the roll with a bamboo napkin, following the technology uramaki. From one sheet of elevator you will get 8 rolls, which should be laid out in a container for baking. Please note that before cutting, roll can be wrapped with a strip of salted or smoked salmon.
  • Put sprinkled rolls with grated cheese, send in containers for baking for 7 minutes in the microwave oven, which is switched on on the “Grill” mode.

Hot Tempura Rolls

Many hot rolls, which we offer you a recipe, are loved by their temper batter. It will give a completely new “sound” to products that you know perfectly well.

For cooking, you will need: 500 g of rice and eel, tobiko and “Buko” cheese, one fresh cucumber and an egg, 240 g of salmon fillet and batter for batter (you can take tempur), nori leaf and breadcrumbs. Cooking:

  • Lay a sheet of nori algae on the table with a shiny surface, and lay a bamboo napkin parallel to it. Before spreading the previously cooked rice (see the first recipe), wet your hands in vinegar. Leave the far edge of the nori 1.5 cm unfilled.
  • Smear a layer of rice cheese "Buco", add Tobiko (caviar of flying fish), if its taste you like. Place pre-cut eel, salmon on this layer, and only after that, fresh cucumber (it must also be cut into strips).
  • Form a roll using a bamboo napkin. How to form hot rolls, the photo will tell in more detail, so we recommend to consider the step by step process of folding a neat and beautiful roll.
  • Ready roll dipped in batter, which is prepared from flour and eggs, roll in breadcrumbs and put in a frying pan with highly heated vegetable oil. Fry roll until golden brown. Remove the roll from the pan and place on a paper napkin. To cut the roll, take a very sharp knife, pre-moistened in vinegar. From the roll prepared by you will turn out 4 portion rolls. When serving, roll can be poured with Unagi sauce, which will give the dish a savory taste.