How to cook chicken in the microwave?

Chicken meat is tasty and tender, options for how to cook a chicken, a great variety, and each housewife has several recipes left. We will devote the same article to the question: how to cook chicken in the microwave.

The advantage of cooking chicken in the microwave is that the cooking time is shortened.

How to make chicken in the microwave: recipes

Here are some recipes that you can use to cook a delicious chicken.

Baked Chicken

For cooking you will need:

  • chicken (whole),
  • mayonnaise,
  • baking bag (can be replaced with a regular cellophane),
  • salt,
  • spices for your taste.

Rub the pre-washed chicken with salt, grease with mayonnaise, if you can�t smear it from the inside, just add mayonnaise. Sprinkle it all with your favorite spices and pack it in a bag. We send to the microwave for baking at maximum power for 30 minutes. At first it is better to lay the chicken on the breast, and after 10 minutes, turn it back.After the time has passed, check the chicken for readiness: pierce it, and if the juice is clear, then the chicken is ready, if pinkish, then increase the cooking time. If the chicken is large, and does not fit entirely, then cut it into pieces, it will be no less tasty.

Chicken with mushrooms


  • chicken (fillet, ham, thigh, that is),
  • spice,
  • potatoes,
  • mushrooms (for your taste, usually use champignons),
  • garlic,
  • bow,
  • salt.

For cooking, we need deep dishes for the microwave. Dry the pre-washed chicken, grate with spices and salt, and then put in a dish for cooking. To the chicken add chopped onion and garlic (or something one to choose from). Peel and dice the potatoes, rinse the mushrooms thoroughly, put the potato pieces and mushrooms around the chicken in a dish. Cover the dishes with a lid and send to the microwave for 15 minutes (power 600). At the end of time, check the products for readiness. For more juicy chicken, you can periodically water the dish with the liquid formed during cooking.

Chicken in sour cream sauce

It is necessary:

  • chicken fillet,
  • sour cream,
  • spice,
  • cheese,
  • salt,
  • onion and garlic.

Fillet cut into small pieces and put in a deep dish that is suitable for use in the microwave. Sprinkle the chicken with spices, onions (cut into slices or finely, as you prefer). Put the pre-chopped cheese on the chicken (slices of medium thickness), spread on the top with plenty of sour cream. And send to prepare in the microwave for 10-15 minutes at maximum power. If desired, you can add mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes in the recipe.

Chicken in batter

It is necessary:

  • chicken (you can cut a whole, or take pieces),
  • breadcrumbs,
  • egg,
  • cheese,
  • spice,
  • salt.

Cooking batter: mix a beaten egg with spices, chopped cheese and bread crumbs. After the batter is mixed to a homogeneous mass, we dip the prepared pieces of chicken in it and place them in a dish for cooking (it should be with high walls). Cover with a lid and send to the microwave for 15 minutes, after 7-8 minutes, the pieces must be turned over.

Now you know how to cook chicken in the microwave, and you can easily surprise your loved ones with a quick dinner, the recipes given in the article, you can easily modify and contribute something to yours.

How to bake chicken in the microwave: tips

  • Frozen chicken must be thawed before cooking. You can also use a microwave for this.
  • If you are cooking a whole chicken, then you should fasten the legs and wings, pressing them to the carcass, for this you will need threads, or wooden skewers.
  • If you are cooking chicken in baking bags, make sure that they do not have metal elements, if there are any, remove them.
  • When applying bags for baking, it is worth making holes in them so that they do not burst and do not drain out all the gusto.
  • For cooking chicken, use dishes suitable for use in microwave ovens.
  • If you are cooking pieces of chicken, then place small pieces in the middle of the dish, and large ones along the edges.